Fingers crossed

Still cold but a heatwave apparently is on the way. A few days at 1C. Then after that it’s either wet and windy or a plunge back into the freezing stuff again. Think I will take the freezing stuff. We get far too much of the wet, gnarly stuff and that’s just in summer.

I’ve just finished the morning exercise. Been trying to drag out the workout for as long as possible. It’s so much better than what is to follow…..

I’m trying to work through a 56 page application form. Having to reapply for a small benefit which we get. Only small but it currently makes such a difference. Especially at a time when work is so thin on the ground. Likely to be thin on the ground for some time. Had hoped it would start to pick up in March but that is looking over optimistic. Maybe the Summer. But on the bright side I still do have a job, many have lost theirs. Work is at such a premium.

It’s ironic to look back before the pandemic. I was trying to find a new job that would better suit the homeschooling role which might be needed down the line. I was looking at so many options. Well that homeschooling gig crashed into effect and not in the way that I had envisaged. Due to the pandemic suddenly all the alternative work options have disappeared. It’s now about hoping that I can keep my current job that at least partly fits the homeschooling role. The current full time homeschooling role which may become permanent.

So at present this benefit form needs completing and it’s taking seemingly for ever. Question after question. Trying to find evidence to justify the answers. The problem is that the government has tightened up the eligibility criteria. It’s requiring more evidence. Adding more steps and hurdles. Up to date clinical opinion is required. How does that fit with waiting more than two years to see a paediatrician. Unable to access services due to cut backs. A pandemic. It doesn’t….

So just got to wade through the form. Submit it and see if the benefit continues in March. Fingers crossed.

Last Day

Sun sets on another school term. Another term of schooling at home. The last day of term. Will the school give the kids a fun day?

Warning increasingly ancient person going to talk about ‘in my day’.

In my day, last day of term before Christmas was almost set in stone. All kids were told to bring one game in with them. The teachers would take the register and then leg it to the staff common room. That was it for the morning from them. It was said that it was teacher training and they should not be disturbed. It must have been some training session. The teachers kept going to their cars for wine, beer and mince pies. The teachers reappeared at lunch time after the training. The music teacher would be a little unsteady on her feet and the science teacher would be unusually friendly with the school cook. The teachers would then sit down and the school prefects would have to serve them the Christmas lunch. Once the teachers had been fed the rabble could then be let loose on the food. After lunch the school would wander down to the church for Christmas Carol’s. It’s amazing just how many kids can leg it during the course of a 200 yard walk. So with a much depleted school roster the Carol’s Service would start. Most of the teachers would fall asleep while the headteacher would stand at the church door to stop any further prison breakouts. After an hour even the headteacher would give up the ghost and the remaining children were sent home. The teachers would then stagger down to the pub to presumably continue the teacher training until the early hours.

ZERO school work was ever undertaken.

Will Hawklads school do the same. Will the kids be allowed to have fun with no school work?

Well to be fair one teacher sent an email saying that Hawklads class was watching an cartoon adaptation of a book in her lesson. She sent the link. That counts as zero work. Unfortunately the other classes didn’t play ball. Question after question. Read this, answer that, write this, explain that…. AND then homework was issued for the two week holiday.

Basically loads of work. ZERO FUN.

Sadly this was all completely predictable. But surely for just one school day they can let children enjoy themselves. To create some happy memories. Especially after all that’s gone on this year. Anyway in the words of Alice Cooper ‘Schools Out’ now, hopefully fun is now on the agenda.

Children going hungry

Sometimes photos just don’t fit the message. Fit the mood. Fit the anger. Fit the shame which I feel towards my country and it’s government.

This week over 320 Government MPs stopped a proposal to extend a free school meal scheme to help thousands of our young ones. Just for a few months during these troubled times. Many families are struggling. Over 2 million children in our supposedly rich country are living in poverty. A significant proportion of those are frequently going hungry. Yes our so called government voted against ensuring our children don’t go hungry this Christmas. Let that thought just sink in.

How could they do that…. They trotted out carefully managed soundbites


We want to return to good old British Values (Victorian)

It’s not our responsibility

Why should we nationalise children

It’s up to the parent to take responsibility

Parents would only spend the money on cigarettes and alcohol

Why are you questioning us, our way is right

Poverty doesn’t exist, it’s all a conspiracy


Let’s not forget that this comes from MPs who didn’t have any hang ups about giving themselves a generous pay increase just a few weeks ago. From a PM who complained that he struggled to maintain his lifestyle on his £150000 a year salary. From MPs who are in no financial need, some have net worths of over £120 million. From the likes of one Cabinet Minister who can afford to send 5 children to an £18000 a year per pupil exclusive private school.

Thankfully we still have good people here. A young Premier League footballer who went hungry as a child is leading the fight back. Scores of individuals and businesses are stepping up to try and help. They care. Doctors and Teachers are backing the campaign. Even the Government’s own Children Commissioner calls the fact that children are going hungry as ‘horrific’ and ‘the attitude is like something from an Oliver Twist novel’.

Sadly our Government do not care. They have no morals. This is the same Government that has slashed the overseas aid budget which tries to help those in even deeper poverty around the world. They bring shame on our country. The hope is that one day a reckoning does come and we then find leaders who care.

Halloween 2

Ok son what cartoons would you like to see for Halloween?

Dad sounds like a top 5 of cartoons or kids movies for Halloween would be.

  • ScoobyDoo – not sure you need much more than this but
  • Gravity Falls – but needs to be the Weirdmaggedon ones
  • ParaNorman
  • Ghostbusters
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

Ok Dad what’s yours but I bet I can think of one you will put in. You would put it in for Christmas, Easter and even Valentines…

Am I that predictable son

  • Captain Scarlett and the Mysterons – I knew it Dad…..
  • Penguins of Madagascar but has to be the one with Skipper as a Zombie
  • Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit
  • Charlie Brown – Its the Great Pumpkin
  • Coraline


So that’s our choices. Any other ideas greatly appreciated.