Ok son what cartoons would you like to see for Halloween?

Dad sounds like a top 5 of cartoons or kids movies for Halloween would be.

  • ScoobyDoo – not sure you need much more than this but
  • Gravity Falls – but needs to be the Weirdmaggedon ones
  • ParaNorman
  • Ghostbusters
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

Ok Dad what’s yours but I bet I can think of one you will put in. You would put it in for Christmas, Easter and even Valentines…

Am I that predictable son

  • Captain Scarlett and the Mysterons – I knew it Dad…..
  • Penguins of Madagascar but has to be the one with Skipper as a Zombie
  • Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit
  • Charlie Brown – Its the Great Pumpkin
  • Coraline


So that’s our choices. Any other ideas greatly appreciated.

37 thoughts on “Halloween 2

  1. Looks like a good list! My parents didn’t really celebrate Halloween when I was growing up. I think it was a cross between “The Devil’s holiday” and that was right around the time sickos were putting razorblades in candy. So we didn’t dress up and go out trick or treating and we didn’t watch Halloween movies. I’ve caught up with some since I’ve had kids, though – the Charlie Brown one is a favorite here too!

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  2. The curse of the were-rabbit has to be up there! 🙂

    Any of the Simpson’s Halloween specials (about 28 to date i think?)

    Not really that much into scary cartoons, prefer the fun ones.

    Anything with Donald Trump would be both scary and not to be taken seriously!

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