This Halloween has to make our son happy. Failure is not an option. Best way to achieve that simple goal was to let him choose what spooky activities we will fill our time with. At the start of the week he came up with his list.

  1. Make a Pumpkin Head. But this year Dad let’s try not to make the poor soul look like Donald Trump. That’s just not fair on any fruit. *** I thought it was a vegetable. Every day is a school day.
  2. Halloween Costume. Dad I think we should try and go for a Freddie look. We don’t buy a costume we see what we can rustle up. I guess the mad dog will want his party hat on again.
  3. Watching as many Scooby Doo DVDs as we can find. Finish off with his three favourites. Boo Brothers, Kiss and Witches Ghost.
  4. Watch a Hammer Horror movie. These are atmospheric but relatively tame these days.
  5. Have a Lego building competition. This year it’s who can make the best haunted castle.
  6. Make a spooky music playlist.
  7. Make up a Halloween story. Dad this year I think it’s a couple of kids stuck in a scary computer game.
  8. Play our two Top Trump Monster packs.
  9. Any TV has to be spooky related like Ghostbusters.
  10. Monster knockout competition to decide the greatest ever horror character.
  11. Apple Bobbing
  12. Late night reading in the garden of Hound of the Baskervilles.
  13. All dog walks have to be after dark.
  14. Build a garden monster out of what we can find lying around. Then leave it for nature (or the dog) to dispose.
  15. Halloween treasure hunt in the garden to find hidden objects like chocolate bars.
  16. See what spooky food and drinks we can invent.
  17. Eat the cookie/biscuit game. Put a cookie on your forehead and then without using your hands try to somehow get the cookie into your mouth and it’s the first person to eat the cookie wins.
  18. Jelly Bean roulette. We have stocked up on some new flavours. Cat food, Snail, Earthworm, Earwax, Squid.
  19. Make Pumpkin Chilli Soup. Even I can manage that.

Have we missed anything. Any more cool ideas?

71 thoughts on “Halloween 3

  1. It’s a bit difficult to carve an orange pumpkin head without it resembling DT. ๐Ÿ˜€ I read on BBC that the 2nd most scary Halloween monster amongst children polled, was Boris, trumped to 1st place by none other than you know who. I really like the sound of your treasure hunt. Chocolate bars are my favourite treat. I think your list of Halloween activities could last you until October 2020. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Your Halloween sounds so much better than what we do every year. Walking Ben around and trying to keep him from going inside everyone’s house.๐Ÿ™„ He wont even eat half the candy he collects but he’s been ready to go trick or treating for weeks. We had to hide his costume or we’d never get it off him.
    Yes, I like your Halloween better!๐Ÿ’Œ

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  3. Sounds like you have more than enough to fit into your Halloween party…

    But since you asked..

    Do you play the flour game? (where you carefully upturn a bowl of flour onto a plate, place a chocolate/other sweet/glace cherry (something edible) on top, then take turns at taking a spoonful of flour and putting it back into the bowl. The person who makes the edible thing fall off has to get it out of the heap of flour without using their hands (and eat it). When you’re done you can put the rest of the flour back into the bowl and play again.. Last one to be white wins a couple of non-floury sweets (or make your own rules))

    Doughnuts on strings is cool too. Thread jam doughnuts onto wool or string and tie them (individually) to the washing line so they each hang at approximately mouth height (or higher if you want to make it more difficult). Then eat them without touching the string or using your hands. (messy, probably not so good inside.. Possibly lying down under them (hung lower) could be interesting too).

    We used to make the food look spooky/Halloweeny/gross too.. Mostly with food colouring.. Although things like jelly and meatballs and spaghetti and sausages (etc) have lots of potential in their own right (uncoloured) if you tell their story first..

    For your chocolate hunt – if you tie your prizes into the middle of tissues (and then onto trees/bushes/things in the garden), you can make them look like ghosts..

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  4. Halloweโ€™en is our favourite day. Please come here one year. I am absolutely serious. Your son will love spending time with a genuine vampire kitty!

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      1. 1) Tiny. 3.5kg.
        2) Scared or nothing except, erm, tampons. (I think their shape reminds him of the bad old days when he had to have his meds syringed.)
        3) Not requested but nevertheless I thought Iโ€™d inform you: he loves men and he loves kids!

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  5. WOW!

    That is some serious Halloween celebration you’re going to have! ๐Ÿ™‚
    (Never did any of that in MY day!)

    I can only suggest watching the DVD of MJ’s Thriller?

    Maybe get a copy of the steps to learn them and see who can go the furthest in the video before stuffing a step up?

    Thanks for the reminder that a Pumpkin is a fruit – has it’s seeds on the inside, like a melon and a marrow! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. I am exhausted just reading the list! How will you manage to squeeze all those fun activities into one 24-hour period? It certainly sounds like a fun day for you both … I hope it will be! And Happy Hallowe’en to you both!

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