One of the hardest things to adjust to over the last three years has been that my world has severely contracted. It’s rare for me to travel more than a few miles. Certainly had no holidays in that time. I end up feeling very cut off and a million miles from anywhere.

Then you get days (like most of us) which are bleak. Sad. Depressing. When my dear mum got those days she would listen to sad music. She said it cheered her up. Although I love sad songs they just don’t cheer me up. Looking at old photos helps a lot. But these often leave me with a feeling – I wish I was there now.

So I started something a little different. My own little armchair world tour. I have a list of carefully selected webcams which I can run through in 10 minutes. Many of the webcams are places I’ve been. Some are wonderful views. Some might just be a street corner which has a poignant memory. Then a few webcams are from places I so want to visit one day.

I really look forward to my daily armchair tour. It’s exciting seeing what the places are looking like currently. What’s the weather like? Is it busy? Has anything changed? As I enjoy it so much I tend to save it up. Keep it just in case I need cheering up or calming down later.

So to give you a feel I’m going to leave you with a few of the webcams. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Spiez Webcam

Kandersteg Webcam

Glen Coe

Schilthorn Webcam

Gornergrat Webcam

Gstaad Webcam

Patagonia Webcam

Cape Town Webcam

Maennlichen webcam

60 thoughts on “The armchair tour.

  1. I have my webcams too. I’ve been on Google Maps many times to look in New York City, where I once lived. Forgive me being so forward, but you should try to take your son away, give him a chance to build his own bank of memories. Somewhere new, perhaps? My daughter is 20 and we ended up having more than our fair share of issues, but she does look back nostalgically at the holidays we went on. Sure, our parents are an important influence, but they’re just one of many especially when we ourselves become adults. Sorry, probably not for me to have an opinion.

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      1. Thank God, I didn’t like to say it, but me too. When I was growing up we didn’t listen to music, indeed there wasn’t any music in the house that I remember of at all. Perhaps for me this might have something to do with it.

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  2. What such a awesome idea . Oh that is so beautiful how can you not smile. Enjoy this. Now about listening to sad music when your sad … hmmm I’m guilty of that one . Done it for yrs. I takes me feel good . Strange what helps us isn’t it?

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  3. Excellent idea – and webcams!

    As a rule, if i feel sad (which thankfully doesn’t happen very often) I’ll do one of 3 things.
    – go for a walk around my garden and maybe tidy a little while i’m enjoying what blooms are open.
    – lie on my bed and meditate, listening to my breathing and counting them to a four beat: In 2 3 4, hold 2 3 4, out 2 3 4, hold 2 3 4,…
    – or, read one of my favourite books that make me laugh. ( Goon Show scripts amongst others)

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