Dad tell me the Top 5 things that scare the pants off you. I bet they are different to mine.

So here goes then.

  1. Donald Trump and Boris Johnson running countries.
  2. Dentists
  3. Wasps
  4. Bono’s singing
  5. Heights

But Dad you are supposed to be a climber.

I’m fine as long as I don’t look down. I would climb in really dark sunglasses so I couldn’t see very far. Ok son what’s your 5 things that scare the pants off you.

  1. Death
  2. Climate change
  3. Trump being within a few feet of the nuclear button
  4. Beetroot
  5. Giraffes

So that’s our scary pants 5. What’s yours then?

131 thoughts on “Halloween 1 – Scary things

  1. Did you see that new skyscraper that has opened in NYC? It has a viewing platform which has a glass floor.
    I’m scared that I’ll never work again.
    I’m scared that I’ll end up on the street because the shitty endowment policy I was sold will still be £50k short of the mortgage.
    I’m scared because I’ve used up my pension pot, through not working while I recovered from this stroke.
    Apart from that, I’m fearless.

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  2. Lol.. I think I probably agree with most of yours. I am badly allergic to wasps so yeah I have to steer clear. And yep the heights thing. Funny that when you think about it. I just don’t look down. But I’d add anything happening to my family

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    1. Yeah, mine went over two incidents, one where I was left clinging to tree roots over a gully and another where my jacket fell hundreds of feet. of course I accept I should have been wearing it…not when it fell obviously but after that I dunno, I am less gung ho shall we say…. And since I got less gung ho I am not so good at heights. In fact I won’t look dwon till I am there.

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      1. Yes. Loch Etive is very quiet. Different in composition too from Glencoe despite being the other side of it. What is great about the whole area there is that despite some bits being pretty busy as these things go, with walkers etc, you can find bits you have to yourself.

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      2. Do you tend to use places you’ve been to in your writing or do you sometimes make them up from scratch. Rereading Muriel Grays brilliant horror book and she just describes that alien place to me with such clarity. When I hear about Canada it’s her vision I see first.

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      3. I squirrel places. Like I used the Lost Valley, the Devil’s Staircase and the Elean Mundhe…but Callm’s cave was based on the Berkiris Cave in Spetses. I used Mount Grace Priory,…the monk’s cell there from down your way in loving Lady Lazuli. And Malice’s wedding in The Viking and the Courtesan was the church in Cowwold. I sometimes name names and other times just use the place. If I see a place I love I squirrel it till needed.

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      4. Yes it is. At one point it was the way in. It was house bit at Mount grace. I found it fascinating that the monks had these little houses with rooms and herb gardens and all but they called them cells. So I squirreled the idea….

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      5. Yeah. I gathered that these houses were for the sons of good families. Dinnae ask me what was for the sons of the poor. Probably the highway. But you’re right. People didn’t know any different from what they had. I grew up in a poor area but people didn’t see it.

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      6. I always say and I mean tit, it taught you to deal with anything and anyone actually and I would not change that for a second..

        Ps.. Knowing your feelings on the subject, I do so hate to mention Bono to you here and his song where the streets have no name but where I grew up, they actually renamed streets to get people to live on them, so when he opens his gub, I so wanna put his teeth down his throat.

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      7. It teaches you respect for stuff. It teaches you how life can be so tough for many. My school kept having its name changed to improve it. Good people thrown to the wolves. IF only someone could set aside one of those wolves for Bono.


      8. Oh it would be some rabid remoaner far leftie…they are to blame for everything… who does not support Bilge Farage and Bodge, but Boris will have been unscathed despite ahving his throat sewn back on AND ready to do or die.

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  3. Trump
    Ben getting lost
    Hateful sheeple
    Losing access to the pain meds that allow me to have any kind of life
    Those big “American Cockroaches” and they mostly just creep me out rather than scare me.

    Honestly, after surviving the mental/emotional/psychological/physical abuse of my ex, not much really scares me anymore.

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    1. Forgive a stranger for asking, but how did you manage to survive the ex? It’s my husband’s ex who is the problem for me … I think I shall just have to learn to ignore her … any tips gratefully received. Katie. Ps, sorry to intrude!

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      1. It’s no intrusion. I write about it to help others. The short version is that he went 2000 miles away. If you look under “Domestic Abuse” on my blog there are a few posts that describe the long version.

        My ex did find a girlfriend who used to call and harass me. I wouldn’t take her calls and ignored her as best I could.

        Good luck to you!🍀🤞

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  4. Donald Trump Supporters (They’ll still be here when he is long gone and they are the only reason he isn’t presently in jail for graft and treason and crimes against humanity, Alzheimer’s, Torture, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, not being able to breathe.

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      1. Yes. Not surprising Trump there on the list. I don’t know how scared I’d feel if I was actually living in the USA. But here in the UK, I don’t feel easy with him in power over there.

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  5. So he loves allosaurs and megalodons but is scared stiff of giraffes? Your boy’s got ‘issues’.

    Things that scare the pants off me?
    1. The thought of having eye surgery with needles!
    2. Feeling something moving in bed when you are supposed to be the ONLY one in it.
    3. Trump getting older and still having access to the nuclear codes.
    4. James Blunt audio that i am prevented from Muting.
    5. Thought of being trapped in a burning building or room slowly filling with water.

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  6. 1. Anything bad happening to / someone hurting any of my kids
    2. Trump – I can only hope no one has showed him where that button is
    3. Pretty much all politicians – they’ve all ruined and corrupted a well built system
    4. Monsanto – Are we really that confused as to why cancer rates continue to soar after all the time and energy we put into curing cancer? Our food is chemically damaged from the start and they know it.
    5. I’m trying to like spiders more – they have some benefits – but I am finding I am only tolerating the smaller ones. But all snakes, big or small get to me. So I will go with snakes.

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    1. I remember son coming back in floods of tears a few years back. The school had someone bring a tarantula in. He never got to hold it…

      Trump is keen for the UK to drop its food standard laws which would allow Monsanto to sell over here. Our PM is keen as well but I suspect he won’t be trying any of it.

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      1. Oh my goodness, that made me laugh. Of course your son would be devastated when he couldn’t hold it 🙂
        I know! And meat. I think that says something BIG if other countries won’t even eat the food. But corrupt politicians have allowed these companies to continue to produce food that shouldn’t be safe for anyone to eat. Definitely scary stuff.

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  7. 1. Trump enablers. I mean without his enablers, he’s just a fat, frail, old white guy. But with his enablers, he will, if we let him, replace the rule of law with a dictatorship. And, he’s not even an “enlightened” dictator. He’s cruel, brutish, impulsive and in awe of brutal dictators.
    2. Death by torture. (See #1 above).
    3. Burning to death in fire. (related to #1 and #5).
    4. Heights. And with good reason! I saw a nature program once and the leading cause of death among the *monkeys* they were studying was falling out of trees! I’m nowhere near as coordinated as a monkey.
    5. Climate change & pollution. These are not just killing me — they are killing the future for much of life on earth.

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  8. Giraffes? That is a new one to me. 🙂 But then, when I was a kid I was scared stiff of petting zoos. I hated how the goats would bite my legs or coat, and I hated how the deer tongue looked like some dark black worm that had to rake your hand to get the feed off. Gah, deer! (shudders)

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