So like the weather we crash into the weekend. This photo was taken minutes before the heavy rain rushed in. It’s time to batten down the hatches for 24 hours.

For 10 brief minutes a delightful dry run in sublime autumnal colours. What followed was a long and protracted slog through a mud bath and driving rain. One step forward and two back. Seriously doubting if I could make the climbs which had been done countless times before. Soul destroying. No fun anymore just hard labour. Frigid isolation in this hostile environment. Doubting my sanity. What am I doing here.

It’s been a perfect microcosm of this week.

A week which has rapidly gone downhill. A long hard slog giving my soul a good kicking. Leaving my mojo and my confidence in tatters. Almost complete social isolation. Never ending pain from dental work. Failure to find solutions to home, school and work problems. Error strewn days. The house is filled with echoes of the past. Even blogging has been harder than usual. The words seem to be failing me. Three draft posts on Aspergers and one on Dyslexia deleted. Just not good enough. Not sure I trust myself enough to venture there. But then life interrupts my meltdown.

We have crashed into Friday. It’s also the start of the half term week holidays. It’s Halloween week. Remember the number one priority. The only one that matters in the end.

Give son the best childhood possible.

So it’s time to put my game face on. Work can wait until son has gone to bed. Halloween gives endless scope for creative fun. My problems will be pushed into the background by boundless youthful energy released by the school gates closing. I’m sure they will be back but just not this week. That’s not allowed.

Only one possible song to leave you with. Mr Alice Cooper and Schools Out.

Schools Out – Live

65 thoughts on “Come on it’s Friday

  1. U r a brave person and an inspiration to many. I can feel your pain and sadness but ur will to be a good parent is really proud of u.
    I hope u all have a great Halloween. Stay blessed!!

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  2. You’re doing really well, I hope you know that. I think i am always so struck by your dedication and determination, it’s really special. So in case you needed to read it: You are doing really well. Go gently on yourself.

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  3. Hope your whole house is Rockin’! 🙂

    If i could send the Sunshine over to the Yorkshire Dales i would – we’ve got more than enough to go round down here and can reliably expect another 8 months of it now till at least Mid-May.

    Would happily exchange it for a few of your grey rainclouds – we’ve had less than 9 mls so far this month and the rest of the year is not looking like things will be much better for my garden, either. As Katie and Evee say – go a little easy on yourself and focus on the things you need to do to enjoy yourselves for a little each and every day.

    Not every blog has to be a honed and well-crafted masterpiece you know?

    Although you have spoiled us all with your exceptional standard thus far! 😉

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      1. I think you’d probably call our weather ‘perfect’, but i’ve been fairly spoiled for the last 50 years so at the moment i’d describe it as ‘variable’ but dry. (34C today – down to a freezing 19 by Wed!)

        We had very light showers on 4-5 days this month, 90% of the time it’s bright wide blue skies with odd fluffy clouds. That will move up to 95% of the time in November and stay that way for up to 6 months solid.

        Poor Poor pitiful me.

        Started building that big boat yet? 😉

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      2. Another reason not to watch the news – it’s full of Numpties who know not of wot they speak!

        I’d put a selection of my poppies up against his best from his garden and see who’s are finer! – MINE ARE! 😉

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  4. I’m sure half-term will be a blast, whatever the weather. Everything else can wait. Thought of you this morning as I passed thru’ airport with a display of those giant Toblerone piled high. Have you gotten yours for your sterling work on behalf of the Swiss Tourist Board?

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    1. Not yet. Went on a sports tour to France years ago. During the days of his much duty free booze you could bring back. I always got pulled by Customs. The guys went through with the wine zany I went through with a bag filled to bursting with Toblerone. Guess who got pulled. Customs couldn’t understand why I ended so much chocolate.

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  5. Gee, Bereaved Dad, it bothers me that you’re alone so much. Isn’t there at least an Asperger’s parent group you can hang with once in a while? I know it’s hard to reach out when you’re at very low point, but it’s important. I thought it was a modern truism that the best way to take care of another person is to take care of yourself first.

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  6. Oh, I pray you had a lovely Halloween. Honestly, I feel like this with Christmas–all my stress of running from work to work to help the home, I need to remember the important thing: give the kids the childhood to love. That doesn’t mean just buying them a bunch of toys or giving them what they want. It means sharing the love and hugs and attention they need. So that’s what we’ll do, right? Make every hug count. xxxxxxx

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    1. Every hug count. It was not too bad at all in the end. My worry is that it was another one where he only was with me. No other friends. But that’s how it is. Christmas will be the same. But your so right, we can still make it special. We (me and you) have to ensure we make sure we don’t run ourselves into the ground and find the time to breathe and be a kid again. xxxxxxx

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