I’ve been nominated for the blogging award. Thank you to Racheal’s Novels, it’s a really interesting blog.

Rules: NONE!

I thought it would be a good idea to ask my son to answer these. Let’s see his take on the world.


  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I hope I can read in 5 years. Having friends. Maybe I might try to go to university. But most of all I hope I’m on my gap year in 5 years.
  2. If you could go to the moon for free, would you? Yes but only if I’m allowed to see what’s on the dark side.
  3. What is your biggest fear? Cows and giraffes. I’m scared of people laughing at me.
  4. In what do you find yourself more brave than others? I’m braver than dad in everything. I’m brave with animals apart from cows and giraffes. I’ve hugged a python. Would love to hold deadly spiders or swim with a great white shark.
  5. If you could have one non pet as a pet (and it wouldn’t be dangerous), what would it be? I would love a Peregrin Falcon. I’ve held a few. When they look at you it seems like they get me. I would love a dinosaur
  6. What makes you peaceful and what makes you nervous? Loud rock music makes me peaceful. Lots of things make me nervous, especially people.
  7. What is one of your qualities which could be positive for most but negative for others? I think my Aspergers scares lots of people. They don’t understand it. It makes me different. Maybe some people like that but some don’t.
  8. Which country would you visit just for the food? Switzerland has chocolate and pizza.
  9. Do you remember your first kiss? Do you want to share the story? Not kissed anyone yet. Don’t like people getting that close to me. However my puppy is allowed to kiss me as long as he has not been smelling the cats.
  10. What was your most embarrassing moment? It’s usually my dad. When school made our class have to read out a poem at the Christmas play. I couldn’t read it.
  11. Do you prefer blinds or curtains? Like both as the shut the world out.

BLOG MENTIONS- my son wanted dinosaurs related ones and the same questions asking as he liked these (if they want to have a go)

Silence killed the Dinosaurs

Matthew Wright

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59 thoughts on “Blogging Award

  1. I my goodness, I love this boy. And, congratulations on the blogging award. You have a great blog. You make me laugh, cry & think. Thank you for sharing your son & your world with all of us.

    Tell your son that I’d like to meet a dragon…tho they might be difficult to house train. 😆


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      1. I have a bumper sticker on the back of my pick up truck that says:
        “Warning! Invisible dragon in backseat.”

        I also have a stuffed blue dragon that rides shotgun. He roars. He keeps the stuffed rat in my lower dash company. They are my “truck defense system”. 😁

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  2. Congratulations on your blogging aware, and I truly adored your son’s answers … had to read them aloud to my girls. My favourite, I think, was the one about letting the dog kiss him as long as he hadn’t been smelling the cats! You and he are both awesome!

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  3. I LOVE his answers! I can’t understand giraffes being scarier than a python, though an elephant tried to grab my doll as a child and I feared them for a long time afterwards!

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  4. Tell your son that he is not the only one that thinks his difference is scary to the rest of the world. Tell him that his “difference” is what makes him memorable and will give him wings to fly one day. If life and working inpatient psychiatric has taught me anything it has taught me that normal is forgetable and that its the Atypical that makes things happen in the world. Godspeed my friend

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  5. Loved reading your sons answers! Also, I think it was a good idea to have your son involved in doing this award – that is really nice. Tell him I hope he gets to go to university. Also, tell him that I would love to visit the dark side of the moon as well. I totally get being nervous around people – I do as well.

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