Halloween update.

Just finished watching ParaNorman. My son loves the film. It makes him cry but also laugh. I think the themes of being an outcast and loss resonate with him. It does the same to me.

Mr Trumper the Party Pumpkin has lost his hat. The puppy kept wagging his tail, going crazy and knocking the pumpkins party hat off. Eventually we gave up and tried the hat on the dog. Dog is currently trotting around the house like he is the bees knees. Got to find Trumper a new hat, don’t want him losing his temper. Not on Halloween.

33 thoughts on “I want that hat

  1. Ha! That’s right, your cat just follows the pumpkin around. How curious creatures can be!
    And I love that studio–Laikos, is it? They did a beautiful adaptation of Coraline, and I LOVED Kubo. That’s a gorgeous adventure story, and also deals with family, and how death never truly separates us. You might want to screen it before showing him–it’s a bit scarier than Paranorman at times, but the message is beautiful. I cried.

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