As Stars Wars would tell you, balance is so important. So to balance out the very dark dream our son had a while back – The Dream, I will touch on a regular happier place his dreams take him. It’s a world world of talking animals who interact fully with the human world. He has memorised virtually ever dream and story to the finest detail – he must have hundreds of these stored up. Each individual dream/story forms an arc which then links into the ongoing overall narrative. Each character has been given a unique character and mainly live in Africa.

Mr Mole – A very wise mole who does not have a bad bone in his body. A legendary baker whose cakes are known world wide. Also happens to be the slowest driver in the world. Possesses a sneeze so powerful it can blow him instantly to different parts of the world.

Mr Cheetah – Loves eating Mr Moles cakes. As a result he is very unfit. Claims to be the fastest thing on the planet. Mr Moles best friend who gets increasingly frustrated with his slow driving.

Mrs Cheetah – Super athletic. Healthy eating guru. Is the fastest land creature in the world. Rumour has it that she is one of the worlds best spies.

Mr Crocodile – Complete coward. Scared of everything. Always forgetting things. A vegetarian. Normally if something has gone wrong the root cause is one of Mr Crocodiles many accidents.

Mrs Crocodile – Lives with Mr Crocodile. Very nice. But gets very cross with Mr Crocodile. Can wield her shopping bag like a samurai.

Mr Lion – Brave but can’t be separated from his beloved teddy bear.

Mr Peregrin – Fastest creature on the planet. One of the worlds superheroes.

Wise Old Owl – She is the worlds greatest mind. Hard to find – usually involves a world quest.

Derick – A Pine Martin. Distinguished thief. Very heroic. Has successfully stolen the U.K. Crown Jewels and replaced them with chocolate replicas – not been discovered yet.

Olive – The legendary Ostrich Opera singer. Always wanting to sing. A voice so powerful that it frequently causes structural damage.

Mr Elephant – Inventor of the number 1 most ecologically friendly mode of world transport. The Elephant catapult. The catapult can launch any creature, any item with unnerving accuracy and safety to any desired location. The only recurring fault is that an occasional miss fire lands something very heavy onto Mr King Cobra.

Mr King Cobra – Tries to be an evil hunter however every time he tries to hunt accidents happen to him. Often it’s a miss firing Elephant catapult dumping either an animal or luggage on top of him.

Mr Honey Badger – Very very bad tempered. Likes to be left alone while watching game shows on the TV.

Oliver and Kevin. An owl and a parrot. Best friends. Very very stupid. Renowned for offering really daft advice. However eventually the advice somehow manages to work out well.

Mr Camel and Mr Dromedary – The most boring creatures in the universe. So boring that they are terrifying. They happen to be best friends who are always at war.

Mr Bulldog – A police officer who can’t catch criminals but is very lovely and believes that everybody is good.

Mrs Zebra – Is the friend to so many famous actors, sports stars and musicians. They often visit for a lovely cup of tea and a chat. One problem her cooking is awful. It’s officially listed as weapons grade.

Mr Zebra – Tries to invent increasingly inventive ways to avoid eating Mrs Zebra’s cooking.

Mr Baboon – Claims to be a world famous wrestler but usually ends up hurting his back if he tries to do any activity so prefers to sit watching telly.

Grandpa Baboon – Oldest creature on the planet. Very fit and a bit of a daredevil.

Arnold the Armoured Chicken – A doomsayer always preparing for war which never comes.

Mr Kangaroo – Owner of the worlds largest pizza empire. Renowned pizza chief. Will only employ individuals who have a bouncy personality. Gordon Ramsay did work for him once but was released for being too much of an introvert.

So many more characters, but I think you get the picture.

Each dream/story arc is different but always has a happy ending and portrays a world full of hope and mysteries. Countries don’t exist just a global community of humans and animals working together. Yes some villains exist but the underlying hope is that good exists in all and just needs to be unlocked. So often the stories are about searching for the ‘keys’ to unlock the underlying goodness. The other key themes for this self contained world are

  • every individual is different. In this world individuality is treasured,
  • everyone experiences friendship
  • no one is without purpose
  • Bad things/sad things happen sometimes but there is always someone there to help or be that friend. Happiness is always just round the corner
  • Everybody is a hero at some stage
  • Good always wins out

Maybe, just maybe it should be our world to.

49 thoughts on “Happier Dream World

  1. Oh my goodness!! Please record him retelling his fabulous dreams and creativity! That is superb!! Not only interesting characters but with positive story lines and morals !! I expect to see these in bookstores in the next few years!
    Whilst reading your character descriptions, I realised halfway through that in my head I was using a David Attenborough voice.

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  2. But how did the science test go?!?!

    This makes me feel like your son’s got a whole world bordered by the 100 Acre Wood and the Wind in the Willows. Do you have any trees outside your house with doors in them? Your son might be walking through them in the night. ๐Ÿ™‚ xxxxx

    May his adventures never cease.

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