Yesterday morning was one of those mornings. The toilet blocked. Then I burnt our son’s toast (having just used up the last slice of bread in the house). Then when I moved to the only other viable breakfast option, cornflakes, the only bottle of milk had gone off ( you know the milk that is supposed to be fresh for 7 days!!!?). So it was the balanced apple, grapes and packet of crisps option. Couldn’t find the school tie. Then we missed the school bus. So quick drive to school – completely off plan, so son upset. Go shopping but half way round and I realise the wallet is back at home. So back home.

I was in need of the strongest coffee ever before returning to the shopping. The caffeine lifted my spirits so its back to the shop. But where are my car keys. Looked everywhere. Don’t you just hate it when you lose something you have just had a few moments ago. One hour later – still no sign. Then I realised the obvious – PETS. Dog innocent. Cats happily asleep on the chair. The chair where I sat and had my caffeine fix. Now I understand. And guess what – cats lying on keys. Very funny really.

So it’s back to the shops, get to the checkout and realise (again) that my wallet is still at the house. As Pink Floyd would say “one of those days”.

I suspect the UKs Prime Minister is feeling like she is having one of those days today. At least they won’t need to provide so many teas for her government after this morning. The rate ministers are resigning she might be phoning me soon.

76 thoughts on “One of those days ….

      1. In the water?! Oh my!
        This reminds of the mom in the movie, A Christmas Story, she wraps and wraps the younger brother up before he leaves to school, poor kid couldn’t even move! Couldn’t put his arms down. So funny! 😂

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  1. Yesterday, I DROVE to the Subway for my Sammich. Ate it there because I got to the cash register and I had forgotten to put money in my pocket. (good friends with the manager thank God) We ate together and I said I’d be back no later than 4:30 to pay. She said not a problem. I WALKED back to work, realized when I got back to the parking lot I had left my damn car at Subway! Grabbed my money, walked BACK to Subway, paid her, DROVE back to work.

    Got home last night and was undressing for bed ….. and found a $20 bill in my back pocket.

    I am writing yesterday off. Yup.

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  2. Wow, i’ve had such days where I cant see the things lying in front of my eyes and my little girl driving me crazy and everything turns Topsy turvy! Mostly it’s my glasses, keys and purse, always seem to forget where I kept them! You had a tough day!!

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