Probably because I’ve been hitting the keys too hard but for some reason I’m not getting any notification emails from the blog. So I’m not getting any prompts about what everyone is doing. Just seemed to have completely stopped and my email system hasn’t moved them into the junk folder. Looking at the possible solutions the last one is to unfollow everyone then start refollowing. So if you see me unfollow you it’s nothing you have done – it’s down to my ineptness and I will refollow.

78 thoughts on “Ops broken it

      1. That was cluttering up my mailbox so I went to the settings and in notification settings stopped all notifications of new post likes and likes on comments. In my app I enabled the notification of new posts from the blogs I follow. That way I don’t miss any of them and my mailbox is free . I was deleting hundreds of emails from WordPress every day!

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      1. And its not always appropriate because we have things that aren’t blessings some days. Its all about balance really. Ups and downs so called positive and negative which are neither but just opposites in a way. We swing between duality and sometimes we are blessed to find the clear space at the centre where oh so illusive peace is known.

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      2. Maybe. I think if you can use technology but not lose your connection to real life and nature that is most important. But its possibly true that too many people are too reliant on it. I know I miss my blog when I cannot connect here but then I also like periods of quiet time wiht self nature and others so far away from the net….. who knows the answer?

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      1. Ah! That’s been happening for quite some time now. Same with the browser thing too. It’s kinda moody. If you make any changes to your posts, it reflects or it doesn’t. 🤷

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  1. I don’t think you broke it. It could be a WP bug. I keep getting notification and when I open app there is nothing there. About a minute later it updates. Also have had blogs I love unfollowed and I have gone back searched found and refollowed. It is hard to break the internet lol

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  2. The WP app is hinky as hell. It is even worse if a blog has a URL redirect. Some of the blogs I follow don’t even show up in my list on my phone. I have to make setting adjustments in either the WP desktop app or do it in the browser. And, I had to shut off all email notifications, which is a default setting. You will drown in emails.

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      1. They’ve got big bugs. My app just updated yesterday. The desktop app is very stable but, like the reader that you can go to within the browser, they look different from the phone app. Notifications are easier to change.

        There are times when videos won’t play in the phone app. I have to go to someone’s actual blog via my phone browser just to get them to play.

        WordPress is programmed in PHP, just like Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumbler & Flickr. It’s very dynamic but, is prone to scripting errors.

        Do you have a PC/Desktop computer or just your tablet? Smartphone?

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