The morning started as has the last 5 days have – grey, wet and cold.

The school bus was missed yesterday morning – never a good sign. We slightly overslept, only by a few minutes but…. Sticking to the established routine is so important to our son. Routine is king. I tried to stick to the plan but just slightly quicker. It was never going to work. I could sense the tension building within him so we just went back to the usual routine. So we missed the bus. It’s not a disaster it’s only a 15 minute car journey to school. Plus it’s one less bus trip for him to deal with.

On the way back from school a very odd thing happened. The clouds parted and a strange yellow disk appeared in the sky. I don’t know what it was (remember this is Yorkshire) but it was lovely to see. With this being Yorkshire the strange yellow disk disappeared behind grey clouds thirty minutes later.

Update. Looking out into the pouring rain this morning – even too wet for the dog – I am confidently predicting the strange yellow disk has packed his bags and won’t be appearing here anytime soon.

45 thoughts on “Strange Yellow Thing

  1. I would like to see this stranger again myself. Apparently in November there were only 2 days of sunshine. No wonder people are irritable and out of sorts. The lack of sunlight does weird things to the brain. (Like forgetting simple words, why I came into this room in the first place) And a missed bus just means a little extra time with that brilliant son of yours.

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  2. We have a snow storm on the way. The weather guessers can’t decide on when, where or how much but, guaranteed, the yellow disc will have a gray, wool sweater over it’s face.

    In advance of said impending storm, I actually witnessed snow flurries this afternoon…and the yellow disc was present. Apparently, it was judging talent?

    Bizarre ass weather…🙄

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    1. Well he certainly isn’t going to make an appearance today here. Awful wet cold windy weather. I remember a couple of scientists (who seemed really clued up) saying global warming was not the best term. Generally temperatures would rise but with lots of local variations – some places might getter much colder at times. They said the one thing guaranteed virtually everywhere was crazy weather with increasing storms. They said it should have been called global storming.


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