Our second bash at the 30 Day Song Challenge. Again it’s a joint effort with our son.

Day 8

A song about drugs and alcohol


I had better take this one. Has to be George Thorogoodo – One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer.

Day 9

A song that makes you happy


Certainly a joint decision. Both going for the really funny Jack Black and Kyle Gass becoming Tenacious D and Tribute.

Day 10

A song that makes you sad


This was one of my partners favourite songs. She used to say it was our song every time it came on the radio. Little did I realise the video was so apt for what was going to happen. I still can’t listen to it rather floods of tears.

Day 11

A song you never get tired of.


This one is our son’s choice. Europe – The Final Countdown. He could listen to this on loop all day.

Day 12

A song from your preteen years.


The Goons – Ying Tong Song. I can’t remember when I first heard this song. Maybe it was Dad (sorry Dad if you hated it) but for whatever reason I just remember it as a kid. As a toddler our son love its silliness.

33 thoughts on “30-Day Song Challenge pt2

  1. Your blog name leapt out at me for I was a bereaved single parent. My kids are grown up now and have kids of their own so somehow I got through it. My kids tell me I did a good job and I’m proud of all of them. I don’t have any great words of wisdom to offer you except to say that somehow life settles down, the kids grow up and the wheels keep turning. Good luck. It’s one of life ‘s tougher gigs.

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