Another trip to the fracture clinic and our son is super happy. Yes he’s still in pain, yes he can’t use his right hand but the Doctor has said the magic words

“I’m afraid you need a few more rest days so it’s another week off school”.

So it’s no more school until 2019.

To someone who goes through so much anxiety because of school it’s an early festive gift for our son. Does cause problems for me but seeing our son more relaxed – it is a price worth paying. More work can be done at home (updates permitting). The car will have to survive a few more weeks without some much needed and overdue garage TLC. Tonight I will desperately check out which food stores can home deliver this week. Like many kids with Aspergers a visit to a busy supermarket is hell on Earth.

So I sit down with a cup of tea and the laptop. One eye keeps checking out the Harry Potter movie on the TV. The pets come to join me on the sofa. Then it’s return of Windows update madness again. Surely we can find a more convenient way of maintaining our Computers. One which doesn’t stop the world turning. So so thankful my ancient tablet is not Windows based.

I am reminded of a recent conversation with our son. He was convinced that computers should be completely redesigned and remodelled taking lessons from nature. Namely the shark. Some sharks that live at the depths of oceans and seas, for example the Nurse shark, can drop to the ocean floor and enter into something equivalent to our deep sleep. But other sharks like the Great White can’t do this – they need to keep swimming. Our Son reliably informed me that much evidence suggests that they effectively reduce brain activity down to a minimum in one part of the brain while the other part of the brain continues normally. It could be that the spine which is responsible for swimming may have some operational independence. In effect part of the brain shuts down to sleep and the shark continues to swim. So we should redesign the computer processor so that part of it can be updated while the other half continues to work. Dual processors should easily facilitate this. Sounds good to me sat here with laptop displaying an “out to lunch” message on the screen. But it does raise the question how much of our lives would be transformed if we let kids with a different take on life start designing our world.

Anyway let’s watch Harry find the Chamber of Secrets. Maybe at the end of the movie my laptop will grant me a couple of hours operating time.

43 thoughts on “Christmas comes early

  1. I have learned more about sea creatures than I ever thought I would need to know from our little guy. I have heard the same sleep speech – although not related to computers. Smart fella there! There is his million dollar idea! Mine would also be thrilled to have to miss another week of school 🙂 I do hope he feels better soon 🙂

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    1. He’s doing ok thanks, all the better for missing the stress of school. The sad thing is I don’t think they will particularly miss him, but that’s their choice. I bet your little guy is such so much fun to talk to. You will be great at Trivia Pursuits now.


  2. Brilliant son and idea. I heard the Windows update was a scam, like so many others running around the Interbpnet this time of year. If you find a good home delivery food service I’d like to hear it.

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  3. There are some computers with dual processors but, they don’t function like what he is suggesting. It’s a good idea but, dual processor computers are usually for gaming…efficient but, in a different way.

    Yay! Lots of Christmas holiday time.

    Congrats on TWO nominations in one post. I think that may be a WP record!

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    1. Often when we dual up we just replicate the existing functionality just make it quicker. What is needed is scrapping that approach and fundamentally revisioning the concept. New concept new design. I remember a friend have a car with two engines, one at the front and one at the back. Just made it a bit of a death trap in the slightest damp spell.


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