Maybe I can get away with a couple more animal likenesses. Sorry these are a bit UK based.

Michael Gove – UK politician. A man we can partly thank for the state of our education system and someone (god help us) now in charge of looking after our environment. Maybe a Sloth….

Sloth Day Facts


Boris Johnson – allegedly a U.K. politician. Sorry this is a bit unfair to Orangutans.


And again in the spirit of fairness, another one we came up for ME was

If anybody fancies a go, please feel free. We all could do with a smile today.

Let’s be safe and nice out there.

54 thoughts on “Not PC the sequel

  1. I vote that the previous pix for DJT could apply to Boris. Are they in a race to see who has the weirder hair?

    The only difference I see is that Trump has a comb but, forgot how to use it, properly and, Boris doesn’t own a comb…or a brush…or even shears.

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  2. I know it’s not really an animal, but I’ve always thought Michael Gove looked like Pob (in case you don’t know, an absolutely revolting puppet from the 1990s who would spit onto the camera and write his name in the spit). 🤢

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