Parenting is a great but frustrating gig. You think you have cracked it and then it bites you on the bottom. As annoyed as I was this morning it is now out of my system. So many kind words eased the pain….I can’t thank you guys enough.

Anxiety and frustration builds. It makes you tired and makes you do strange things. I always look at it like a house. Everything is fine and then something goes wrong. A pipe bursts. The house starts to fill with water. The pressure builds. The first thing you need to do is release the water pressure. Find a window or door to open. Once the pressure is released then you can fix the pipe. Everyone has to find their own window to open. It will be different for each person.

In my case I did have a rather foolish window. When the frustration built I would go outside and literally find a wall to punch. Not good. Going back to my house analogy. I am no Captain America or Hulk. As hard as I punch the wall I’m not going to break through and release the water.

But a few months ago I found a new window to open. This one seems to work and is also scalable. When the frustration builds I go outside to our wheelbarrow. Fill it with all the stones, bricks and sandbags I can find. Then I push it round the garden. It’s hard work on the grass and slight slope. For minor frustrations I do one circuit of the garden. The greater the frustration the more circuits I do. Todays was a 10 circuit frustration. I call it my Wheelbarrow Train of Pain. It does relieve my frustrations and is quite good fitness training. The dog frequently adds his own dynamic to the circuit.

Our son just laughs at the Wheelbarrow Train of Pain. He is trying to convince me to modify it. His idea is rather than increase the number of circuits I should do just one circuit but reduce the amount of clothes I wear according to the frustration level. As a result a defcon 4 frustration would see a very cold and naked man pushing his wheelbarrow. Thats not a pleasant thought. Not at all.

70 thoughts on “Wheelbarrow Train of Pain….

  1. This gave me a little laugh because you are right: we all do need that one thing that helps us to release pressure. I used to genuinely punch my pillows when I was especially annoyed but I have moved onto just heading outside for a run or going to the gym. I guess it doesn’t mater what we do so long as its safe and it keeps us from going mad! 🙂

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      1. I do – running is my number one priority for myself each day. And, as an introvert, I can run for hours and be fine in my own head. Just ran my seventh marathon a couple of months ago – and totally enjoyed the hours of training for it!

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      2. Didn’t you do a post about it. I think I remember seeing it, did you do it with some friends? I’ve done a few half’s but never got round to doing a full one yet. I love running to. Before things changed, did a lot but not much past 10k. I can put my headphones on and just blend into the scenery. Problem is that where we live in the country, mobile reception is bad, I worry about school trying to phone. So I just do an in-house workout. I’m so pleased you can get out for runs.

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  2. A great way to deal with frustration. Mine was beating hell out of the piano. The Terminator and I Who Have Nothing were great for this. I can’t do it now as my hands hurt too much with arthritis and I’ve had to modify the way I play anyway.

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      1. Can he play? If it has headphones, you can tinker! I have a Yamaha Digital piano now, Hubby’s housewarmming gift to me having been without one for over four years. I’ve been playing since I was about three having inherited a nature gift from my Dad. If interested, you can get a feel about how important it’s been to me here
        There are links to other posts too.

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      2. It’s a beautiful post. Let’s hope the boy is playing beautifully. Instruments really deserve to be played. I can’t play anything but love listening to Einaudi. Our son desperately wants to play but has trouble with fine motor skills. I bought him a full size keyboard. It’s cheap and cheerful thanks to a Black Friday deal. But maybe he can work on it. How are you coping without the piano now?


      3. Hubby insisted we buy one when we moved into the house so I have a yamaha digital piano now. It’s a full size keyboard, has a few different ‘sounds’ but no fancy rhythms like my clavinova had. It has headphones too so i can play without disturbing anyone, but he loves to hear me play so doesn’t mind. It helps that it has a volume control and the keys are touch sensitive.
        May I suggest you let him tinker and find his own way? Sometimes something just clicks. I had lessons but my tutor gave up as I always got him to play my new piece, and was plaing what I heard, not what was written. he told my Dad that if they forced me to learn, the chances were I’d grow to hate it and stop playing.

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      4. I can’t ‘thump’ as the pressure hurts, so I’ve adapted the way I play and it works. The hands cramp sometimes and I don’t play as much as I did, but I’m enjoying it. Trying to get to grips with Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters as Hubby found a fabulous instrumental and said ‘You can play that!’ so I’m having a go.

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  3. I like the outlet you have. If I tried that, I would have to sit in the wheelbarrow in pain.:) I am blessed to have a friend who will listen to the rant then calmly explain the other side. She is my frustration ventation rock. Love in our Christ.:))

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  4. Your son is hilarious. I think you’ve a great system! I tend to run at the gym… but that requires getting to the gym and putting my son-still-at-home in their child tending area.

    I need a wheelbarrow, a hill, and some heavy stuff.

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      1. Mine’s included with our HOA, but my sons do not like the childcare area either. I’ve started some at-home YouTube aerobics accordingly. dogs here to pinch my gear. 🙂

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  5. As I was late to the party of your last post (I’m mostly always a day late and dollar short, as we say on this side of the pond), I did not add my words of wisdom and consolation to the pack. Here, all I can say is that being a parent is the hardest, but also most rewarding job you’ll ever do, but with that said, it didn’t come with a manual, and we are all human. We get tired. We get sad. We get frustrated and sometimes even angry. It’s okay, my friend … you’re cool … I can tell by how cool your son is. Now please, stop beating yourself up and PLEASE do not go naked pushing a wheelbarrow, else we will all have to pool our savings to bail you out of jail! And, if it’s snow you want, I will send you mine … we have about a foot that isn’t going to melt anytime soon, with temps in the sub-zeros! Hugs!!!

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  6. Very sound. I had a history Master who said that beating your head against a brick wall was self defeating since the wall wasn’t giving in that easily. Thanks for the wheelbarrow image. I’ve filled mine in readiness. Oh and thanks for the Follow!

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  7. You’ve got a wonderful trainer there! Very imaginative. Mine also hated being dropped off in the gym’s childcare area when they were young. Something about Mommy going off and having fun (hah! sweating) by herself.

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