I’m seeing so many photos from around the world of epic winter snow. Does this count – best it’s been this winter.

It’s strange that the weather can have such an effect on our moods. As soon as the snow started falling my morale fell. The House seemed very cold and unwelcoming. I thought about a trip to the coffee shop but I didn’t have the heart for that today. The outside world seemed less appealing. I needed to do something to stop the Darkness taking hold.

Maybe it was time to make another stew and see what CATastrophes it brings.

Thankfully like the snow, the dark mood didn’t last too long. A run in the snow cleared my mind. For some reason I decided to run in just a T-shirt. Maybe frost bite is the ultimate mood changer. Maybe it was the white van that passed me with the following abbreviation down the side. B.O.N.G.

What does that stand for. Anyway more of that later tonight..

37 thoughts on “Winter ?

  1. Our weather is schizophrenic this month. Two days ago 5 degrees F and today 50 degrees F. It snowed on Monday and pouring rain today. I was planning chili, but it’s too warm for that. Leftover cold chicken instead. I’ll save the chili for the next ice.

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  2. I get those moods also, and Thanks to our God, they don’t last long either. No frost bite here but cold. Will freeze again tonight. And your can bet your buns I won’t be running except to get coffee. rofl

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  3. Yes, your snow counts. And we call your dark winter mood “cabin fever” or SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder. Not enough sunlight and not enough Vitamin D. When it gets sunny here in the winter, it can also get cold. Yesterday a high of -15, today a high of +2. We keep telling ourselves Spring is on the Way, but we are not sure we believe it.

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  4. I’ve seen people running in this insane snow without coats, too. What IS that??? You folks are crazy. 😛 But I can’t blame you–this snow just heaps on the feeling of isolation, esp when it’s too cold to do anything outside.
    And for the record, our yard looked just like yours all through December. Winter finally came, just delayed…

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