The snow has left little old Yorkshire. Still cold but no white stuff. At the edge of the garden the thaw has revealed the first signs of spring. At last some colour. Before this photo we had four flowers. Unfortunately a slightly excited dog obliterated one. So now a hastily erected wall of stones – eat your heart out Mr President – is protecting the remaining delicate buds. And as we are told walls do work.

37 thoughts on “Walls Work

  1. Only problem with me and walls is that they tend to jump out at me lol. Great to hear that you have some coloyr. I was SO glad thus week to know that the snowdroos are out

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      1. Oh God, I know. Mine was in a University car park. Leeds actually. It was almost midnight. I had been in my M,A. Class there, and got talking so was late back to my car. I didn’t see the wall at all, and my car just went straight into it. I was not starting off fast at all, but it was fast enough to get it totally stuck in the wall. Even revving up it woukd NOT come out! Fortunately there was a Security man walking by, and he said, “Want some help luv?” You bet I did. I had to get back to Scunthirpe that night! He actualky pulked on the damn thung as I revved up, and voila, out it came. Panic over! Lol

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      2. He was! Was I glad he was around, as hubby was working in Lindon at the time. Later, we found the car was damaged, but it did get me home. Ha!

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  2. SPRING??? You’ve got signs of spring already? NO FAIR! We won’t have that until mid-March … two months from now! Meanwhile, at the end of next week, we are to be ‘blessed’ with five straight days of snowfall! That does it … I’m moving to the UK!!!

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