Do all good things come to an end?

The Daffodils are now on the turn. They have been spectacular this year. It makes you think about life and how you spend your time.

Things change.

The world keeps shifting.

People move on.

What is working.

What isn’t working.

Are we doing stuff which we had high hopes for but is in reality falling short.

Is it better to leave a field to people more able, more gifted, more talented. Listen and learn rather than preach.

Stuff you have enjoyed and it’s been enriching and outside your comfort zone but maybe it’s time has passed.

Do new challenges exist.

Do we revamp projects.

We all sometimes need time to think.

63 thoughts on “Coming to an end

      1. Aww. Bless you Gary. It sounded like you was leaving. We heard all sorts of birds today. Can’t wait for all the ospreys to come back. Keep doing what you need to do Gary. Xxxx


      1. My hamstrings usually get me, so I was surprised. It is always my right one and it goes up to my lower back. I find sitting on a tennis ball helps – but was surprised I could give the dog her ball and not sit on it 🙂

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      2. It is this Sunday – I am not too excited. I agreed to travel with 9 other women to run The Cherry Blossom 10 miler in Washington DC. Sounded fine when I agreed five months ago, but now – The whole 9 other women thing…. 2 days…… No breaks from people…… Do you have one coming up?

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      3. I know three of them (and I really only like 1 1/2 of them). I am just going to be quiet, super flexible and blend in counting the moments til I get home. And then I do not have any races scheduled. Just some hopefully happy runs. I hope you have some happy runs, too!

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      4. 1 1/2 that made me smile I really know what you mean. My geography is not great but it sounds like a bit of a trip. To me it seems like a great course to run. Is Declan ok with you going to this sort of thing. Yes let’s hope for many happy runs for both of us.

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      5. I think so. Last time when I ran the Ragnar he told me it was okay for me to go as he needed a break from me 🙂 That made me giggle. Maybe he will be in the same sort of mood about me now 🙂

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      1. Oh Gary. I totally understand you. You write such great things though about Captain Chaos and blue crocodile,cand about your son. But no good if you feel not so comfortable doing it. It can only be what is best for you in the end Gary. You have so much stress in your lufe, you don’t want any more. Xx

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      1. As far as the quality goes, I think you are doing well. Some of your posts are hysterically funny and some of them are quite touching as you share your feelings about the loss of your partner and what you are going through. I enjoy them all. You have a unique perspective as a single dad and your readers appreciate that. Every post I write is not spectacular but I do my best and write what is on my heart and mind that week.

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  1. Your quality is fine but, every blogger questions their material all the time. If you love blogging, blog. If you are uncomfortable, determine your level of ease and go from there.

    I don’t always post everyday. Sometimes, I’m too busy or too tired.

    You’re doing something right. You have a devoted following.

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  2. Daffodils go to sleep…but they come back again. They make way for bluebells and foxgloves and flowers of every shade of pink and purple. Daffodils always greet us after winter’s chill has eased. They prepare us for months of colour and warmth to come.
    The seasons come and they go…and they come again.
    All will be well.
    One season at a time…or one day at a time…enjoy every moment, make it precious 🙂

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  3. Interesting and very valid thoughts/questions Sir.

    I know how i blog now and the reasons why are not the same as when i started the blog a decade ago (and i have not blogged for all of that time – you go through patches when it is easy and some when it is not). Each of us have their own ideas and reasons why we blog and what we do here (or try to do). Times and seasons, times and seasons (for everything under the sun).

    Reading your blog (and getting to know somethings about you both) has become a part of my daily routine, one i greatly enjoy, albeit sometimes not without some sorrow and a desire to be able to do more than read and add a comment. But you are not blogging for my benefit so don’t feel you owe me, or any of us, anything if it becomes a burden and affects your enjoyment of ‘life’. (I know, enjoyment can be a relative term!).

    My best advice is: Do what you have to do, but enjoy as much of what you do as you can. 🙂
    (If you don’t have to do it (and there is something else you can do) and you don’t enjoy it – don’t do it!)

    Good luck with the thinking/reflection. 👍

    I’d watch a video log of a Certain CSomebody… just sayin’ 😉


  4. I thought about buying some flowers at the store, and kept thinking that it was a waste. They’re only going to last for this year…. then I remembered that, despite their tag saying that LAST year, some of the ones we planted are coming up again this year.

    And, even if they don’t, maybe it’s worth the little bit of color for the time I have them.

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