I thought I would bake our son a cake to say sorry for this Sunday. He’s coming to work with me. Going to have to leave the house before 7am and will get back in the evening.

Well I’ve seen worse Dad”

That’s almost a compliment.

No I don’t think it was…. it’s definitely cake like”

It’s crunch time the taste test.

“Dad it’s, its, it’s time for a pizza I think”

Oh dear.

103 thoughts on “Baking

  1. It’s the thought that counts!!!

    (Half-baked though it might be. 😉 )

    Actually, it does look like one of your better efforts! 🙂

    Book, Judge, Cover.

    It’s the birds i feel most sorry for.

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  2. is it possible he’s playing you? BTW have you read/listened to the Rosie series of books by Graham Simsion (the first was the Rosie Project)? The third in the series is out and is as fab as the last two. If you haven’t you may enjoy..

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      1. I’m inviting you to follow my blog site as well. Maybe there will be something of interest there for you and your son. Recipes and books to read. Sometimes some DIY stuff, and a lot of sewing. Lol How old is your son?

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      1. Me too! I still see my grandmother using a spoon and slurping my lemon meringue pie attempt and figure, “Well, maybe I will try again…..in a few years” 🙂

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  3. Oh dear Gary! But practice makes perfect!

    I want to ask you something. About the Reading Pen. But I don’t want to derail this thread, Just been wondering if it would wirk for me. You can pist the a swer on any of my piems if you like, so that I don’t derail thus thread.

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    1. It’s a C-Pen. It’s designed for things like dyslexia. Looking at the box it doesn’t mention visually impaired. I’m guessing the problem might be that you need to move the pen tip along the line of words then move down to the next line. It’s whether you could find a way of reasonably accurately finding the start of the line and then moving the pen along the line.

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      1. Thanks Gary. I looked them up, and they are suggested for blind people too. I think I could find the beginnings of lines. Inhave my methods lol. It sounds really good, and a possible answer to my reading problems. Can you read whole books with them albeit probably slowly?

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      2. I might try it. At least I would be able to read my letters. Typed ones I mean. Hubby never reads them to me. So I miss hospital appointments. Wondering if they are expensive

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      3. You can get a couple of different types. We went for the c-pen as they do one which can be used in exams. It was £230. It’s a lot of money but it was an essential. You can get some other pens for a bit less money.


  4. My sister-in-law says cake mixes are not worth it since you can make them from scratch… but I’m just going to use Betty Crocker for mine. 😉

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      1. Not sure if they do gluten free?? I suppose they must do these days – i just don’t look for them.

        They’re pretty much foolproof…IF YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS !!! 😉 🙏 🙏

        The GBBO was my first ever ‘from scratch’ attempt at cake baking, but i have mastered the cake packet mix art! 😉

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      1. Biscuit base I pack 300g digestive biscuits bashed to oblivion in a plastic bag to crumbs (your son might enjoy doing that bit), 200g melted margarine.
        Mix the two, spread out into lined pie dish/baking tin, put in fridge for at least two hours before adding topping.
        Cheese filling; 1 200g tub philly type cheese (not low calorie), 300ml pot double whipping cream, 2 drops vanilla essence, 1 tablespoon sugar.
        Using a mixer, beat sugar and cream cheese together first, Gradually add double cream in doses continually whipping until thick.
        Spread on to biscuit crumb base, Put in fridge for at least a further hour. Licking mixer paddles optional before washing up.
        Decorate with chocolate buttons or choc chips, marshmallows, broken kit kats or whatever you fancy. Fresh strawberries or raspberries are nice too, but you’d need to eat the cheesecake pretty quickly using fruit just in case it turns the cream.

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      1. We have. We have seen really dark times but we are still here. You have overcome that and you are a brilliant published author and wonderful mum. I am an expert baker and successful catwalk model…. the bit about you was the truth my bit was a bit of fiction, especially the bit about baking… xxxxx

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      1. I think it’ll be good, it’ll give him good insight on what it is that you do. He’ll learn a lot, maybe get bored – maybe not. But then again, with kids, if they’re not doing what they want to do, it’s a done deal from the very beginning. So don’t feel too bad. 😊

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