If the cat is expecting to get his tummy tickled he can put away his claws first. I am not falling for that one again. Even the mad dog is giving him a wide berth.

50 thoughts on “Claws

  1. Egads! Those are scary! I haven’t been clawed by our new cat. She has hissed at me and bit me twice ( I didn’t feed her all the wet food she wanted that day) Wonder what she will do to me Sunday night when I get back! If I see claws like that though……Egads!

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      1. I wonder if that is why she bites me? Sometimes I just want to go to bed and not pet her while she stares at me – mmmm – not enough attention! I can’t get the cat into her cat carrier to get to the vet (you should have seen the attempt! Catelyn and I trying to be calm and capture a cat turned into a bunch hissing, clawing, screaming 🙂 but the idea makes me smile! “Go get ’em, kitty!” Haha! 🙂

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    1. Of course – it’s easy! About as easy as getting a cat to swallow a worm pill!! 🙂

      The trick is to get the vet do do it! 😉 (See previous comment about getting cat in box to take to vet!)

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    1. I’m a dog person it was my partner who was the cat lover. We sort of coexist now, still trying to fathom them out. Problem is that cats are clearly more intelligent than me, I bond with the animal who falls in love with a blue crocodile and likes to chase his own tail….

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      1. Oh, but those animals are usually so very happy to run and jump and cuddle. Any time I see cats I think of the one I was supposed to watch over when I was a kid when the neighbors went out of town. That thing, I swear, was feral. It frickin’ ATTACKED ME, like, jumping out from a couch!
        Between that and my dad’s bad cat allergy, I just got used to the idea of not hanging out with cats. So of course that makes the trips to the humane society with Blondie all the more interesting, since it’s aaaaall about the cats…

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  2. I want to care for cats but I just cant seem to read their body language (I am a dog person). Lately there are these stray cats whom we have been regularly feeding. Whenever we get home they’d be meowing and go close to us, demanding for their food. I would let them be after putting food on their trays at our doorstep. Do you know why theyre acting like dogs?

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