Our local council is North Yorkshire County Council.

Over a year ago our Local Council agreed to make savings of £2m to its service budget. Unbelievably our Council decided to end free home to school transport for disabled and special needs pupils aged 16 to 18 years old.

This is the same council who does not provide any specialist support to kids with dyslexia.

This is the same council who has been cutting the size of Educational Health Care Plan grants to disabled and special needs kids who somehow manage to get through the tough pre qualification assessment. Penalising the very kids who need the highest level of support.

Today our Conservative Council – that’s the same party our Prime Minister heads, thats the Prime Minister who recently said ‘I’m on your side” – announced that the first year of the cut has resulted in a £800k saving. The Council reviewed itself on this issue and concluded that “the implementation of the policy has not had a detrimental impact on the ability of young people accessing their education”

Well that’s well earned pat on the back for the Council then. Is it just me who gets beyond severely pissed off with this – please tell me if I’m missing the point with this because I will happily crawl back into my little hole if it is just me.

Maybe some of our esteemed councillors should venture out of their plush council chambers, get into their Jaguar, BMW or Mercedes cars and actually see what the real world is like for a change.

57 thoughts on “Money is clearly everything.

      1. All is well – met a friend for a five AM run so a little loopy. Got the little one to the dentist again today (“I can’t feel my face”) and about to take the big one to the orthodontist and then basketball. Might have a cup of tea before I go to wake my brain up. Have you had a chance to get a workout in? One of the exercises you do in your yard I think to help relieve some tension? I would be so frustrated too.

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  1. Politicians are scum and have no idea of the real world with their fancy cars, second homes and expense accounts.
    “I am a politician which means I’m a liar and a cheat, and when I’m not kissing babies, I’m stealing their lollipops.” Quote from Hunt for Red October.
    ‘We’re all in this together’ was a F******g joke when the Cons came into power. Who has had the biggest pay rises?
    Government cutbacks are aimed at those who need financial help the most.
    Councils cut back on services to those that need it most.
    I find it amazing that all councils are miraculously saving £800m a year.
    And what happens next? More cuts from the government purse and more cuts to those of us who can’t fight back.
    Rant over. Sorry Gary. It makes me so angry when people like yourself and your son are in the firing line to be shit on.

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    1. It’s the fact that May found £1B to bribe the DUP to keep her job. But then she told the rest of us the money doesn’t grow on trees. I worked in the NHS before Cameron got in charge. We actually had started to turn the service round, it was improving. Yet Cameron came in said it was a basket case and needed a major restructuring which was effectively cover for drastic cuts.

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  2. The know, they donot care. The wealthy have done this since the beginning of time. Check the rich man and the begger. The rich man saw no need for God but the begger knew and needed God. One went to Sheol and one went to Paradise. I cannot judge ones soul but I can judge actions. Hmmm.:)

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  3. If that’s how the BBC reported it it sounds like there will probably be a general election sometime soon and the Councils are getting some pre-emptive “look how well we are doing with no ill effects we can find” political propaganda.

    We have 2 ‘Current Affairs’ programs on the popular commercial free-to-air TV channels here who will gladly do reports on government cons and ‘pulling the wool over people’s eyes’ stuff to put the ‘Ordinary’ man’s side of things. Do you have anything similar you could ring and put your point to?

    Media attention can be a very powerful tool – for both sides! 😉

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  4. Money’s certainly handy, but love is everything, and you love your kids. I know love doesn’t pay the bills, but it inspires you to do so for your family. Sorry to hear about your council which could do to hear your counsel! God bless!

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  5. Ugh! Sorry to hear this is happening in your part of the world, too. I guess I just figure Americans have stupid priorities and other countries handle it all better but it looks like plenty of people VERY much fall into the money trap. I used to work with special needs kids here (many moons ago) and their funding has dropped dramatically since then…

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  6. HELL TO THE YES. And then over here you have schools demanding more money, but using it for crap reasons like totally unessential administration gigs or made-up courses to keep student athletes in school. Not to mention the teacher unions eat waaaaaaaaaaaay too much of the teacher’s salary.

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