It’s Sunday and it’s Switzerland time….

Switzerland is a spectacular country which means its train journeys are often just off the scale. No need to read a book here. Just look out the window and drink the views in.

The trip from from Lauterbrunnen to Kleine Scheidegg is one such experience.

The train goes on further up through the Eiger Tunnel to the JungFrauJoch. Known as the Top of Europe. But that was just too expensive. One day maybe… So we got off at the stop where a short walk takes you to the base of the famous North Face of the Eiger.

On the trip up I remember looking out of the train window in awe with our son repeatedly saying

Mum can you tell me the story about the legend of the three mountains AGAIN”

The legend is that a beautiful young girl (The Jungfrau) is in danger from an evil Ogre (The Eiger). Only a brave Monk (The Mönch) can protect her. They forever stand next to each other in an eternal struggle.

Son loved this story and his mum loved telling him it. On this trip she must have retold it at least 30 times. Another smiley memory. Happy Days and my love keep telling that story.

41 thoughts on “Train journey to the Ogre

  1. Some mountains are more beautiful than others. The Jungfrau is such a mountain and when you have memories is much beautiful !!!

    The railway to the sky

    Adolf Guyer-Zeller, a creative engineer from Zurich, spent a short holiday in the small village of Mürren. The year was 1893 and one day at the end of August he ascended the Schilthorn together with his daughter. The view was breathtaking and what affected him most was the sight of the beautiful Jungfrau. From that day the engineer became obsessed with the idea of building a railway to the summit of the Jungfau. The next night he made a sketch of his great plan. Starting from Kleine Scheidegg via the Eiger glacier the trains were to go in a long tunnel through the Eiger. Out into the open again, the trains would arrive at the Jungfraujoch plateau 3454 meters above sea level. The Jungfrau railroad was to be built mainly according to Guyer-Zellers first sketch, even if it did not reach all the way to the summit of the Jungfrau.

    Have a nice Sunday with your son!!!

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  2. Let’s face it – with scenes and memories like that associated with her, you are not going to forget her in a hurry, neither of you are – right?? 🙂

    Wasn’t On Her majesty’s Secret Service filmed up on the Jungfrau/Schilthorn?

    Happy Day! 🙂

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  3. “No need to read a book here. Just look out the window and drink the views in.”

    This. Exactly this.
    I rode various trains across Germany through Switzerland and into France last year. The journey was something crazy like 16 hours so I had plans for all kinds of reading and writing and thinking and planning… And I don’t think I did anything but look out of the window.. Especially in Switzerland 🙂

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