It was Fathers Day in the UK yesterday. Even in Yorkshire. Let’s give a shout out to the Dads. Yes we are in most cases crap at multitasking, dammed annoying, often in the way but we are sometimes useful….. In my case I am still waiting.

So Sunday’s Dad List in this case was

  • Make breakfast – burnt and milk out of date
  • Housework – managed to get the sofa throw stuck in the hoover and snapped the last hoover belt
  • Clothes washing – washing machine stuck on the 10 minute pre wash cycle so not exactly clean so needed to run the cycle 5 times
  • Make lunch – criminally couldn’t get the Yorkshire Puddings to rise
  • Take dog for walk – dog rolled in sheep poo so he stinks
  • Bath dog – then spend an hour trying to dry out the house after the dog started shaking himself down. Aquaman has nothing on him.
  • Pack School Bag – went without incident but will only find its success when he gets back home
  • Time for some me time – made a coffee to sit outside as it’s unbelievably stopped raining, but find a large bird has crapped over the garden chair. Clean chair then find it’s started to rain again. Cold coffee looking out at a monsoon.
  • Change bedding – ok apart from a brutal wrestling match with duvet cover
  • Cook Tea – salad is pretty much Dad proof
  • Wash up – managed to smash one cup
  • Iron school uniform – find that I forgot about the wash in the washing machine. So set off a quick Tumble Dryer run
  • Revise for school end of year tests – another opportunity to show the processing power differences between a young vibrant mind and a knackered old one
  • Run bath – find someone forgot to wash the towels
  • Iron school uniform – presentable but managed to burn my hand
  • Lock doors – not easy when you can’t find the keys
  • Catch up on Work – not easy when laptop decides it needs yet another update
  • Go to bed – can’t sleep

That’s a pretty typical Sunday. So yes Dads can be crap but we also can be busy. Ok that in my case is busy being crap – but it’s still busy. As it’s Fathers Day I will give myself a pat on the back for that. I survived another day.

93 thoughts on “Fathers Day

  1. You are an absolutely brilliant Dad Gary. Never mind the things that go wrong – your heart is in the right place. And anyway, I too would probably have done most of those things when I was well. I just want to say a belated Happy Fathers Day

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      1. We had sun streaming in at Fuve this morning lol. Now it has clouded over again! Duh. Will thus rain ever end? Havea good day Gary x

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      2. Lol even Wildsworth was almost too wild yesterday. But mire stuff coming up about WILDsworth. Even the dog found it too wild 😀

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  2. Was not aware it was Father’s Day Sunday in June? Our’s is in September! (Why??)

    Nice one SuperDad! You got all that done and still had time to post on your blog!

    Had i had similar attempts i would have quit around the packing of the school bag.

    Oh – that reminds me… i have difficulty making a suitably small portion of batter for our Yorkshire’s and have found a brilliant solution for trying to use 1/3rd of an egg!

    I can buy frozen ready-made Yorkshire puds from my local supermarket – 12 in a pack! And guess what??…

    … They’re from … YORKSHIRE!! (Aunt Betty’s – apparently this is a New Zealand rip-off of the original product, Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire Puddings!?) Ever seen/tried them? 5 mins in the oven and you’re done – risen perfectly every time!

    You’ll be able to hold your head up at school fete’s 😉

    (P.S. you can see my comments if i log out of WP and use a website other than my blog in your comment box, but then i can’t see your reply unless i find it in a thousand email messages?)

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  3. I smiled through all of this, but I am also a bit sad. I enjoy your humor, but I hope you know you are far from being “crap”. Don’t sell yourself short – you are an amazing Dad- many men would do well to take a leaf from your book! Belated Happy Fathers’ Day to you!!!!


  4. There is a trick for dealing with cold coffee. Just add a bit of extra sugar or flavor, throw in some ice chips and viola, Iced Coffee! It’s pretty good, too.
    And happy belated Father’s Day to you.

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  5. I don’t think you are any crapper than the rest of us, in fact I am full of admiration for the way you articulate your fears, joys, troubles and successes. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

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  6. So often people don’t realize just how much a parent has to do in just one day. Just one! I raise a humbled glass to all the single parents doing All The Things on All The Days.

    And hugs to you from Wisconsin! xxxxx

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