Gerbils meeting world politics is not a usual combo. But it delivered this week with the wonderful Chelsea Owens letting me win this weeks Terrible Poetry Contest. The Gerbils celebrated by destroying a large Amazon Cardboard Packing case – hope they weren’t expecting it back.

If you fancy a bash at some terrible poetry please check out Chelsea’s latest competition. It’s good for the soul and top fun. The more the merrier.

42 thoughts on “The Gerbils did it

      1. I’ve already done one and scheduled it for later tonight, but i was not all that proud of it.
        I’ll have another go with your word! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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      1. Our first hamster was very lazy and never did much of anything. She dropped dead after average lifespan. Our second was so different. He was so friendly and inquisitive, and always running on his wheel. Heโ€™d always come over to say hello. He lived to be 90 in hamster years (three years old) but sadly got cancer. Nothing we could do. I cried more than when my dad died. But then Iโ€™m weird like that!
        We do still have a dog and two Zebra finches. I have to be happy with that. Really though I want to get a snake but my husband would never agree!

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      2. We had a hamster. Complete psycho. Wouldnโ€™t let you put your hand in the cage,if you did it would come out bleeding. Would sit in wheel waiting to have a run around the house. At the time son had a thing about dinosaurs so often had them stood in lines on the floor. The hamster would crash into them until they were all knocked over.

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