For some reason some of my posts have suddenly and rather randomly decided to remove the comments option. This is not intentional. All options are correctly set and haven’t changed. So I can only assume Skynet or Ultron have started taking over the worlds IT. Lord knows why they would bother with my ancient tech. Anyway I’m trying to sort it. Sorry.

58 thoughts on “Comments

  1. Aaaaah…just scrolled down to your other post and now I understand.

    Well…may I ask…I was a tiny weenie bit confused, are you talking about how many miles you have clocked up on a static exercise bike? 280 miles is amazing if that is the case.

    My sister and my brother-in law worked on the Isle of Sheppey and somewhere near Dover. I visited them in both areas (they were in both locations for a few months).

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  2. Curious, but generally there is usually a simple explanation – it’s just that finding it is not always that ‘simple’!!

    When you are writing a new post , if you open ‘Settings’ there is a drop down menu that has ‘More Options’ at the bottom, open that and half way down there is a section titled “Discussion’ that has 2 checkboxes; one is for allowing comments. That may somehow have become unchecked on the previous post? Is that any help??

    I really love when machines that have performed exactly the same way for months or years suddenly decide to do things differently for no obvious reason. 🔪 🔪 🔪

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    1. Yep set right. In fact nothing has changed yet get these random posts which go mad. Clearly it happens to others sometimes. The advice seems to be. Delete offending post and redo then delete app and reinstall. Can’t be a***d will just hopefully add a comments post after it happens.

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  3. WordPress is quirky. Roger kept having troubles leaving comments on certain blogs … they would either go to spam or into cyberspace, and now David is having the same troubles, but only on a couple of blogs. If it continues, try contacting WP’s help desk.

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