For just a few minutes the clouds parted and summer made a brief appearance. Back to rain now. It was nice while it lasted.

I woke up this morning and like most mornings – half asleep. Few minutes later I’m peddling away on the exercise bike. Starting to feel more awake now. 28kph – come on lazy pants bit quicker.

Dad your squeaking.

And with that his bedroom door shuts. (Most unusual) I most be squeaky. So my morning mini Tour De France is interrupted. Why is it that when you need something from the toolbox it somehow develops cloaking technology. The oil was in the box. Search abandoned and cooking oil is smeared over the noisy bike. I wonder if this is common practice in professional cycling circles.

So we start the cycling again.

Dad can you hear the strange noises outside.

The resulting investigation seems to indicate the side gate banging in the wind. Quickly fixed with a brick. It’s tough for our son. So easily unsettled.

Can you move the bike into my room.

Tell you what why don’t you bring your blanket and try to sleep on the sofa next to the bike. The dog will happily join you. Few minutes later he is settled in with his four legged hot water bottle. So I try to start cycling again.

For a few brief moments I get into the zone. Good speed. Then the mind starts to wander. The biggest problem with indoor cycling. It was an August Sunday three years ago at about this time when the phone rang. It was the Doctor saying sorry but the last treatment option had failed and it was now time to move partner into end of life care. Shiver down the spine. Feel completely sick. Tears starting. Then anger. Why. Tell me why.

Anger fuelled peddling. Speed is now becoming breakneck.

Dad your squeaking again.

And with that it’s time to get off the bike. Squeaking wins the day. Come on son let’s have an unhealthy breakfast.

Can I have waffles.

You can have anything you want son. So like the sunshine. Today’s exercise was brief and my healthy eating regime is broken. Too brief to make a difference.

68 thoughts on “Brief

  1. Many things in this life are ‘brief’; rarely are any of them wasted.

    We are blessed to have had them at all, they can bring us Hope for better times yet to come.

    In some cases it can be a good thing if they are brief – grief would be a great one for example!


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      1. Would you believe i got a doozy of a blister from pulling onion grass weeds out of my road verge lawn??

        (Wrapped the long wiry shoots around my index finger to get a better grip and after pulling up around a thousand bulbs they had literally ripped the skin off my finger!) 😦

        Mental blisters take longer to fully heal.

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  2. Perhaps your excersise bike reality, doesn’t quite fit your imagination which clamour for new experiences (and perhaps a new body)? I’m sure that sharing the endorphin releasing happy moments of eating waffles with your son was more rewarding to your psyche (if not your waistline). To feel healthy, stress reduction is the first consideration. All else has to drop in line behind that. Do what you love and dance like no one is watching! ☺️

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  3. There’s the physical health, yeah, but there’s mental health, too, and you need to feed that just as much, especially when the heart’s memory is bleeding. So you had a mentally healthy breakfast with your son as you stemmed that bleeding. I’d have done the same. Praying you’re okay, and that you can feel your wife in the final colors of the flowers and the coming wind of the autumn season.

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