For over a year we have had a nighttime visitor. Brief glimpses. Garden dug up. A few signs. Then last night FINALLY you revealed yourself in all your glory.

Kind enough to stay long enough for the mobile phone to adjust to the darkness.

Even a stroll close up to see what the strange humans were doing. The Government is trying to cull your kind. But you are most welcome here.

93 thoughts on “Night time visitor

      1. Yes it came back four times – broad daylight – and took them one by one. Never any trace. I only knew it was a badger because I disturned it, trying to break into their coop one night. I wish I’d killed it.

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      2. It’s probably as well that I didn’t. But I do miss the chickens – they do all have personalities you do get to know them. Plus the fresh eggs, of course.
        We’d like chickens again but we don’t know whether that badger is stiff around.

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  1. OH! WOW!! 😲

    That would have given me such a thrill! And he let you get up close?? Brilliant.

    You did really well getting him in focus in the night time. 🙂

    And surprise surprise – he looks a little wet. Soaked in fact! 😉

    How far away do you think his sett is??

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  2. I thought it was a skunk until I read some of the comments and found it was a badger! He’s quite beautiful and I’m glad he’s safe. Amazing, isn’t it, how our governments think they know more than Mother Nature.

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  3. Dayum, you’re a lucky guy Gary – l have never seen one that close up alive, sadly l have seen way too many dead by the side of the road. I once saw two hibernating in a game park in Norfolk, l saw one in 2008 running up the side of a road, l saw the behind of one two years ago disappearing into the shrubbery on the roadside, and another’s rump here in this garden in 2017 and of course the one that was on the end of the transport phone in 2009 but up close and personal, all l can say is whether you are happy with your phone quality or not, dayum Gary but you are a lucky man 🙂

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  4. Aw, a badger! Is it ironic that our state’s animal is the badger, yet I’ve only seen them in zoos? They always remind me of Badger in Wind in the Willows.

    So sorry I’ve been off all week. Work’s been hellish, but I’m almost caught up. xxxxx

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      1. Thank you! Yes, we’ve got two Thanksgivings, one with Bo’s side, one with ours. It’s basically a chance to be with family and eat tasty food…and decorate my mom’s place for Christmas. 🙂

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