It’s Terrible Poetry time thanks to our very own Chelsea Owens. This week the guidelines are

  1. Our Topic is Halloween. Write something SCARY!
  2. As is usual, the Length is up to you.
  3. Rhyming is also up to you. Frighten us with what you do.
  4. Just Make it terrible! Make the very souls of the Wal-mart imps moan in agony and terror at the thought of your verses.
  5. The Ratingโ€™s fine at PG-13 or cleaner.

You have till midnight of All Hallowโ€™s Eve, 12:00 a.m. MSTnext Friday morning (November 1) to submit a poem to Chelsea.


I did promise to incorporate some pre-determined words into the poem but to my eternal shame I’ve completely forgotten them. SORRY.


The moon is full

It’s time for blood on the wool

Halloween terror

Your in the wrong place, a deadly error

Knifes sharpen

The atmosphere slowly darkens

The clock ticks

While the madman plays his tricks

This is sick

As bad as the worst horror flick

Witches potion

An unpredictable explosion

Straight from hell

Too horrific for Slasher Motel

Frankenstein creation

A Poltergeist apparition

Beyond X rated

The result is pure evil hatred

All hope is forsake

Dads been trying to bake a SPONGE CAKE

49 thoughts on “Terrible Poetry

  1. Your gunning for 2 wins in a row – that ending was terrifyingly terrible! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve been a little ‘distracted’ recently and have not even started yet – if i miss this one i will try to include my TMO reference in the next one – sorry!

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    1. Son was listening to a really funny interview with Arnie. Apparently when he was governor he sent a reply to someone he disliked which the first letter of each line spelt out a very bad word. When the media picked this up he claimed it was an accident. Maybe thatโ€™s what we do next time……. Subliminal messages.

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