Although England does do an awful lot of water it’s not blessed with that many truly epic waterfalls. But we do have the occasional spectacular one.

High Force in Teasdale.

The Falls are about an hours drive from us. We haven’t been since our world changed. We had planned to go there as part of our school holiday road trip. But as I was packing up the picnic

Dad I’m not sure I’m ready to go there yet.

I can so understand. It had suddenly dawned on our son the importance of the memory associated with High Force. It was 2016. The three of us spent a lovely hour walking around the waterfall then we ended up in the local pub for lunch. Son had sausages and chips. We had soup and fresh bread. Finished off with some highly calorific sweet. It was the last time we went out for a meal as a family.

This had completely slipped my mind. Not the forensic mind of number one son.

“It’s a long drive son.”

It’s a very long drive, probably bad for the environment.

“Its raining and very grey. Probably going to be cold.”

It’s very wet Dad.

“What do you fancy doing then.”

How about having the picnic in front of the television while watching the new Scooby Doo movie.

“That sounds a cracking plan Son.”

So we enjoyed sandwiches, crisps, fruit and cakes watching Return to Zombie Island. Yes a change of plan. But the right change of plan. We will visit High Force one day. But not this wet Friday.

64 thoughts on “Waterfall

  1. You know what I love about your stories involving your son? Your gentleness and empathy and the way you are open to whatever he has in mind. You really are a stellar parent. Your son is very fortunate to have you for a Dad. This is a beautiful and poignant story. I hope one day you will both be able to visit this beautiful waterfall and make new and joyful memories together.

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  2. Exactly…Your love is so clearly seen with your every action and you are not only sensitive I reallyove how you give your son space and respect his feelings..

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  3. It’s so important to be able to identify when something is going to be too much, particularly something as sensitive as this. I think it shows a great maturity on your son’s part and that he is tune with himself, and a great gentleness and understanding on yours.

    Knowing when something would be too much for me has been something I’ve really struggled with since losing my mum. Most of the time I’d push myself forward to stick to the plan and end up a crying mess at the end of it and wondering why (I wrote a post called How Many Spoons do You Have Today?).

    Lovely post, I hope you both enjoyed your picnic and film 🙂

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  4. That waterfall certainly is beautiful. Yes, you will go there again one day.
    But a picnic in front of the TV on that day sounds like it was perfect the choice.
    Your sensitivity and patience with your son say a lot about you.
    While you are very blessed to have him as a son, he is equally as blessed to have you as a dad! Keep on keeping on! 🙂

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  5. Nothing to add to everyone’s sentiments above, that i also share.

    Got a Ghoul costume ready yet?? 🙂

    And i think i jinxed myself explaining what a glorious climate i have here in Perth to you the other day – last three days it’s felt more like Huddersfield!! 😦

    Rain, grey, damp, cold ( for us, middling for Yorkshire!) 😉

    Still, the rain is good for the previously drying out garden, i suppose?

    Always look on the bright si-ide of life: phee-eew de do dee do dee do dee do…

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      1. I estimate, at around 10 million kids in school, that works out to 14,000 pounds per student (each year???) which by my estimation should mean he gets 2 full teacher/T asst. days per week all to himself.

        What are the chances??

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  6. Such a bittersweet moment, the warmth I take from this how you took this day and made it so comforting for the both of you. As pretty as the Falls are I really love the staying in enjoying the picnic watching your sons favorite show with him. Eventually you will will is the right time to go back. Hugs

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