Christmas and Music go together. For some it’s carol singing. For some it’s festive number 1 pop hits. For some it’s relaxing classical music. For others it’s LOUD rock music.

The last week has seen not one but two concerts.

The first required a trip over England highest motorway to the other side of the country. To Manchester. This was to see Sons favourite band Alter Bridge. On this night they were supported by the wonderful Shinedown.

Lots of people but thankfully son coped well but it did require the full hood for the entire night.

Dad did his normal trick of keeping the ticket costs manageable by buying discounted restricted view tickets. It’s interesting that in our restricted view section it was mainly families. All probably dealing with the same financial concerns.

Son really really enjoyed himself.

Then 2 days later we had another concert this time in our local city. We don’t often get decent bands but it nice when we do. This time it was The Darkness.

Such a good night. Very loud and they are so entertaining. Very loud and very funny. They even did a Christmas song. The band wouldn’t start the song until they could see everyone holding hands with the persons next to them. Son was ok as he had me and his uncle. Meanwhile Dad had a liberating few minutes holding an enormous bear sized hairy bikers hand.

I often talk about how tough Dyslexia is. The problems it can cause. But occasionally having a young son with dyslexia is a much needed parenting help….

73 thoughts on “Music at Christmas

  1. It’s a pity church couldn’t feel as inclusive as that. ☺ It’s a long time since I was at a concert … the atmosphere is amazing. I’m glad you both enjoyed yourselves. 🎶

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  2. So glad you got there and your son enjoyed. Couldn’t get WP to load properly yesterday. Think my signal was dodgy and while it said I online I wasn’t half the time and the main bits affected were big sites which would take ages to laod. Anyway. Just glad you enjoyed.

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      1. Everyday we see more of the true face of Conservatism. The BBC was patting itself on its back for being so impartial during the election. That’s odd as at the same time as the head said this the loathsome chief political editor was saying how much she disliked the remainers for not accepting reality.

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      2. I know. it is the Bristish Brainwashing corporation and the worst is the license fee. What a neck. i dunno what I pay it for. The only thing I watched all this year on their shitty channel was Peaky Blinders. It is ridic. I am even talking catch up here.

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      3. Well some Tory fool has suggested it and of course that Fascist rag that supported Hitler, the Express has run a poll and readers think he is the new Churchill… I mean I’d die laughing except it’s not funny when you step back . And yeah I am looking into this license fee biz next year. Cos we watch very little on the Beeb, either channel, on player on anything. so.

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      1. Myles Kennedy has such a sweet/screaming/soothing (all at the same time) voice. Have you listened to his solo album or his work with Slash?
        My life revolves around family, music, work, and writing these days. I discovered David Gray yesterday- another amazing voice!

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