On one church wall it’s a thin carpet of yellow. The colour helps life the spirits on this rather somber day. Somber for some of my country but for others it’s a day of celebration.

By the time you will have read this post my country will have left The European Union. A decision which has spilt this country apart. A decision which has turned our country into a less tolerant, increasingly inward looking nation. Looking at the antics of some of our so called politicians over the last few weeks has not been a pleasant experience. They have brought further shame onto the UK.

So sorry friends you didn’t deserve this. They don’t speak for all of us.

Lo siento amigos, no te merecías esto. No hablan por todos nosotros.

Mi dispiace, amici, che non te lo meriti. Non parlano per tutti noi.

Désolé mes amis, vous ne méritiez pas cela. Ils ne parlent pas pour nous tous.

Mar sin tá cairde brón orm nár thuill tú é seo. Ní labhraíonn siad dúinn uile.

Tut mir leid, Freunde, das hast du nicht verdient. Sie sprechen nicht für uns alle.

Desculpe amigos que você não merecia isso. Eles não falam por todos nós.

Dus sorry vrienden, je hebt dit niet verdiend. Ze spreken niet voor ons allemaal.

Så ledsen vänner att du inte förtjänade detta. De talar inte för oss alla.

Žal prijatelji, da si tega niste zaslužili. Ne govorijo za vse nas.

Prepáč priatelia, ktorých si si nezaslúžil. Nehovoria za nás všetkých.

Îmi pare rău prieteni că nu ai meritat asta. Nu vorbesc pentru noi toți.

Tak przepraszam przyjaciele, że nie zasłużyliście na to. Nie mówią za nas wszystkich.

Allura sorry ħbieb li ma ħaqqniex dan. Ma jitkellmux għalina lkoll.

Taigi, gaila draugų, tu to nenusipelnei. Jie nekalba už mus visus.

Žēl draugus, ka jūs to neesat pelnījis. Viņi nerunā mūsu visu vārdā.

Sajnálom barátaim, hogy nem érdemelted meg ezt. Mindannyiunkért nem beszélnek.

Lypámai fíloi pou den áxizan aftó. Den miláne gia ólous mas.

Joten anteeksi ystäviä et ansainnut tätä. He eivät puhu meidän kaikkien puolesta.

Nii et sõbrad, te ei väärinud seda. Nad ei räägi meie kõigi eest.

Promiňte, přátelé, tohle jste si nezasloužili. Nemluví za nás všechny.

Tolkova sŭzhalyavam priyateli, che ne ste zasluzhili tova. Te ne govoryat za vsichki nas.

I didn’t vote for this but it is what it is. So now we have to carry on, make the best of it. Hoping it works out for us and it works out for our European friends. In my heart I am still European. I still want a European Passport. Try explaining Brexit to young people . I try to explain it to our Son. “This is so wrong Dad, I am European”. My head is telling me that the next generation will reverse the decision and we will come back to Europe.

Goodbye but not farewell.

91 thoughts on “Yellow

  1. I think you may be right, and the EU will rub their hands in glee as they can stitch us up big time having left once.
    It has been a total farce from start to finish. No-one in power expected the vote to be to leave, and they weren’t prepared, had no plan, and it threw a right spanner in the works.
    Hopefully it will work out, though there are some tough times ahead.

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      1. Well project fear’s been proved wrong so far. But so has £350 million for the NHS! I initially voted leave tbh but I’ve since met and married an EU citizen, so I’m a bit conflicted really! 🙂

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  2. My heart breaks for UK today. My heart has been broken for US since November of 2016 and I fear we’re in for 4 more year, and worse. 💔 Maybe I should copy your multilingual apology.

    Pretty yellow flowers do remind me that there is beauty and kindness still. Like in LOTR, when Sam says “There’s some good in the world, and it’s worth fighting for”🧙‍♀️🧝‍♀️

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  3. So many changes happening in so many countries. We’ll be tuned in to watch and learn from Canada. I have no idea what North America has in store for us…

    And you have flowers? Now? In end of January early February? Way too soon for us here.

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  4. Reading the list of languages represented in the European Union really touched me! I’m a linguist by profession and thinking that some of my compatriots seemingly care little for the wonder of other languages and cultures hurts me to the core.
    To make matters worse, I recently learned that the British ‘native’ population stopped producing enough young people to carry the increasing numbers of elderly in 1970. So, anyone who voted Leave to keep ‘foreigners’ out is in for a rude shock.

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      1. Do you think this is true about the houses? I know plenty of people who voted Leave but none of them have houses in Europe. They are either older and nostalgic or people who feel threatened by immigration/simply angry with the British government.

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  5. I was intending to blog something about this yesterday but, when the time came, I just couldn’t find anything to say that hasn’t already been said repeatedly before.

    Britain has become a smaller, less tolerant country embarking on a long decline. I don’t see any of this ending well.

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  6. “Mar sin tá cairde brón orm nár thuill tú é seo. Ní labhraíonn siad dúinn uile.”
    Not sure if typos or just mistranslated but I think this should be “Mar sin a chairde, tá brón orm, níor thuill tú é seo.” Last sentence is fine.
    Irish is a tricky language!

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  7. What is it with politicians and all the nationalistic splitting up, grabbing selfishly onto our own these days? Self preservation at all costs in U.S., Australia PM, and UK. All over the world. I am sorry for your Brexit, BD.

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  8. There is so much anxiety about the future all over the world and the powers that be seem to care only to line their own pockets and are so self serving. There is no leaders and it is now that we are in dire need of them. People for whom “public service” means just that. It was once seen as a noble profession to work in government. These days there is just so much corruption everywhere, in every country. It really does make me fear for upcoming generations. What kind of world are we leaving them?

    I do love the yellow flowers though – thanks for sharing that wee bit of cheerfulness.

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