If I’m going to suffer this, then you can as well DAD.”

We had arrived at one of those lessons – ART.

Son really struggles with drawing. His fine motor skills are just not conducive to it. Unfortunately his Dad is also rather deficient in this area as well. I am to Art as Donald Trump is to Veganism. I remember one art teacher quietly whispering in my ear when she took one look at my attempt at a landscape scene.

Can I suggest that goes in the bin. I wouldn’t take it home as your parents might be of a nervous disposition.

But son is right. If he suffers then I need to suffer as well.

One hour later we compared masterpieces. His attempt was not too bad. Son cast his critical eye over my work.

Erm Dad what exactly is it?”

That’s a tree”

Are you sure. I would never have guessed that.”

Look son it’s obvious. These are branches.”

“Are you sure it’s not upside down. What on earth is that?”

That is a bird and that is a nest”

Oh a bird. I thought it was a car. Look Dad I am bad at art but I have an excuse. I have Dyspraxia. What on earth is your excuse to be so awful at this. Clearly you talents lie elsewhere. “

The search continues…….

155 thoughts on “Art

  1. My ten year old is a better artist than me but she can’t write a novel and I can, so I guess we all have our ‘niche talents’.

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  2. I too struggle with art 🎨 and always have done. I believe that part of the problem is that I am not very imaginative or creative and I also prefer facts and figures.
    At least you tried and also spent time with your son and that is a really good and positive thing.
    Stay safe and well and take care of yourself and your family.

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  3. Out of the mouths of babes!!
    I am terrible at art. I once drew a dog for a child I was working with. She thought it was a sausage!

    I am also on the continued lookout for my ‘talent’. Is there an age you give up the search? I think I’ll carry on. Maybe I’m a master tiddlywinks player?? X

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      1. Another similarity! I have the clumsy gene. Mine is most noticeable when I try to walk through a door frame. Generally don’t manage it without bumping an arm or a leg, occasionally a head …

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      2. I’m the same. Always have been. As a toddler I broke my arm. Had a pot on for weeks. The day I had it removed I went home and broke my other arm within an hour. The same doctor who took the pot off had to put a new one on – only 3 hours later.

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      1. Can’t we just spend some cash and work with the EU to buy test kits, protective gear and ventilators. I see 4 years ago they did a secret test on the NHS on its pandemic capacity. It failed badly. Nothing was done and the report was buried. Basically the same cretins are still running the show.

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      2. How interesting is that… See I think now with gloablisation our biggest threat is a virus. Looking back when it was nuclear war, there were attempts..albeit stupid… to prepare. One of the things I do remember was the foyer in our Ninewells Hospital was built the way it was and kept empty of all but a cafe at the top and a few basic shops, so it could be used in the event of a disaster of any kind. The benches all doubled as beds. While it wouldn’t have been on a mega scale at least the thought was there. Now well.. how you would struggle to quickly convert that with the tone of shops and eateries and airport style seats. I fully appreciate that you cannot keep a country on a ‘war ‘ footing but if a certain amount of vital equipment was there in storage..well…. For me the real pandemic is the panic one cos this has not been done and the real reason we are being asked to lockdown is because of this. There’s also a ton of stuff out there from leading disease experts about how very dangerous and damaging this locking down could be. How for example we better hope there is never a bird flu epidemic cos even 12 years later we do not have a vaccine. But hey what we have now is Social media… every mouth known to man in other words, opening it too. .

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      3. The same people who have failed us will claim victory and hero worship when this dies back a bit. Then they will try and get back on the gravy train again. We don’t even have the same number of ICU beds and ventilators than Spain and look who they are struggling to cope. It’s one thing giving the PM the result if his test within a couple of hours when medics are denied it. When the medics have to crowd fund for protective kit.


    1. The Norwegian PM spoke to the children in a broadcast. What we get here is either Boris’s runny neb…he looks even worse now his gub is coronariddled, or bloody Calderwood up here who would give I M Jolly a run for his money–now saying the death toll may have been overestimated. All great comfort to those kids who are panicking–last week oor wee grandie never said to his mum he hadn’t been able to swallow for 3 days cos he thought he had the virus and would die. Scarlet Fever for the the third time is what he has. All this has been done without the real proper thought to the children and to the vulnerable. It is leaving me speechless actually.

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  4. The Japanese channel, NHK, now has a short show called “no art, no life” where they profile physically and/or mentally challenged individuals who have become famous artists. Most of the work is stunning… both amazingly unique and beautiful.

    My own artist skills vary by day, subject, and medium.

    I’m disappointed we didn’t get pics of your & son’s artwork!!

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  5. Oh yes – half of Declan’s assignments are “write or draw your thoughts about this assignment” which he leaves up to me – and you get a nice smiley face, made with a mouse and fingers crossed 🙂

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  6. Art and English were my best subjects. I can’t believe what your teacher said. Where are the encouraging teachers? It’s not hard… but I digress. Your son is as funny as ever. Search no further… your talent is clear. The answer is in your nickname. Just keep being superdad.

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      1. I am doing alright. I’ve hit some of my bad fatigue days again, so I’m more tired than normal and my brain and emotions are a bit on the fritz, but I’m hanging in there. I’ve got a lot to be thankful for. I will focus on that. Thanks for asking. How about you? Other than what you’ve shared, how are you feeling?

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      2. 😐 I sure don’t like to hear that your brain is in overdrive. That suggests that you’re worrying and trying to figure everything out. I can get that way too. Lately I’ve calmed down in that sense, but I do feel others grief, so you’ll be in my prayers. Take care of yourself! Don’t over torcher yourself.

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      1. No, not at all… I am not to bad in making decorative elements, gretting cards and both in all kinds of techniques, and I am skilled in manual works… but I am a catastrophe in drawing 😄

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  7. OH my gosh, this cracked me up!
    I am awful at Art, pretty sure I could probably make you feel good about your art skills! But I can’t believe your art teacher said what she did! No wonder you grew up hating art!

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  8. Haha he has a great sense of humor. I know all too well how it feels when I can’t get the image on my head perfectly onto paper. But I’ve decided to keep at it practice makes perfect (I actually love art a lot) check out my latest attempts on my post and tell me what you think 🙂

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      1. Hey, you do what you gotta do, right? We’ve not touched streaming, but the Public Broadcast System (PBS) has lots of educational tv on, and Bo’s been busting out his 3 Stooges collection–a fav with the kids. And Bo’s uncle loaned us his Wii, so the kids have been really digging some sports time on there every day. You look after YOURself, too!

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      2. I think you will! It’s a wonderful read. Some writing books can be really pretentious, but I’ve always like Donald Maass’ approach–very realistic, straightforward, and insightful. 🙂

        Yeah, it is like a dream sequence. The rest of the world feels further and further away. Like, even the grocery store sounds like a foreign land.

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      3. Apart from son not actually looked at another human face in 3 weeks. I’m only remembering how people smile, cry, blush …. from actors on the TV. The car has not left the drive in that time as well. We don’t have a shop in village. It’s a bizarre, completely cut adrift feel.

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      4. It is such a cluster f*** outside. It is in many of our minds. But we have to make the most of it. We have to learn to live in this story arc. That is enjoying more time with the ones we love who are locked down with us. Finding ways to connect and stay connected with those we are separated from. That’s no different to grief I guess. We can do this. xx

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      5. It really is. It just hurts when loved ones want to be together but can’t. We just have to do our best with what we have.
        Hey, how are your furry additions to the family? Chaotic as ever?

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      6. It must be so tough for you and Bo as you see family so often. I was taking to my oldest sister. She hasn’t seen my son in nearly 2 years due to medical procedures and distance. Not be seeing him anytime soon as well. Oh they are completely mental. But they bring life to the house. x

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      7. Sounds like you’re never bored! 🙂 And it’s so maddening with family. My mom was able to purchase some stuff for the kids in her town, so we’re going to meet halfway for a drop-off. It’s going to feel…awfully surreal.

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      8. THIS Christmas. Make it THIS Christmas. We have to hope. Like today, I’ve got an online interview today to teach a summer school program. While life’s uncertain about whether or not Wisconsin will reopen schools in May, there’s hope for schools to be open in summer. We’ve got to keep hoping. xxxxxx

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  9. I don’t know about your drawing talents – would have loved to see a photo of your drawing. Your talent for photography is definitely way up there. As a matter of fact, your photography has inspired me to improve my photographic skills as one of my things to learn/skills to acquire during lockdown.

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