May brings my beloved partners birthday. It’s still a painful day but we now try to make it more of a celebration.

For the last couple of years her favourite white rose has produced at least one flower for the day. This year it will be cutting it fine looking at the lack of rose buds. But let’s hope.

We started trying to visit at least one of her favourite places on the day. We have an arboretum really close to us. She would love to walk there, especially one particular silver leafed tree alley. We started going there on her birthday. Even finishing off in the little cafe with her favourite sandwich and crisps. Sadly the arboretum is closed at present.

This year we had decided to have her favourite Chinese takeout meal. It would be first time we have had one since she left us. It just never seemed right that we should enjoy it without her. But now seemed like the time to change that. Again sadly the restaurant is closed at present.

So with our birthday options running out it’s time for some blue sky thinking. What can we do assuming the lockdown in in place (even if it lifted I suspect our very own lockdown will still be in operation).

Maybe we should resort to the very first birthday celebration idea. The two of us had a great idea. Why not write some lovely birthday messages on a card and then attach them to a balloon. Let’s launch it into the big sky and see it fly off into the distance. Where would the messages land. Somewhere in Yorkshire. Maybe the wind will carry them into Europe. So we launched the balloon while singing happy birthday. Unfortunately the first balloon never made it out of the garden. It was as floaty as my big backside. A second attempt made it four feet. Precisely to the farm fence but it exploded on some barbed wire. The final attempt made it to the giddy heights of about 8 ft high. Crawled into the farmers field and landed in a cow pat.

It’s the thought that counts.

77 thoughts on “Big Sky 2

  1. I like the balloon idea… but you need helium to make it go up and away…

    What was her favorite food to actually cook at home? You could put the effort into a favorite dish she made? Or a dessert?

    What things did she like to do at home? Do those things like she’s with you guys.

    I was also going to suggest a box of her? Just things that make you both think of her or letters you write to her. With a box of her, if you need her that box will be there with all your thoughts and memories. When you are missing her, you can have your box 📦

    I have that myself. It helps me. I can take it down and remember, hold close, smell… I even have the unopened soaps my dad had set aside to use, and his cologne… I will never open those – but the smell reminds me of him. It’s comforting.

    Anyway I do a box lol – fill it with the love you have with her… her music, her smells, her letters from you both. Any time you need it or want to feel her – get your box.

    I started doing that when I became a mom… I have a box for each child – anything that meant anything to me about them, or letters I wrote saying how much I love them – is in their box… I only take their boxes down to put something in it.

    With my dads box… I only touch that when I am really upset and need to just have him back for a minute – the smells and the things in there actually do comfort me. Sentimental like that. ✌️

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  2. I’m sure she would be best pleased seeing you and Son happy together, laughing and loving, no matter what you’re doing. Even if it’s a “Bloopers Memories” contest… who remembers the silliest or dumbest or clumsiest thing she did?
    Laughter and love is what I want for my cherished ones after I’m gone.

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  3. The balloon release is a great idea. My granddaughter suggested this at my mother’s funeral, and I organised one. It was only weeks later that I read online that balloon releases are not good for the environment, but hey, we all enjoyed it at the time. Seems like nothing is allowed these days.

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  4. You know that is a lovely lovely idea whether or not it worked don’t matter!!! Maybe you could use a similar …I don’t know… just get something from that re wee messages seeing as there’s this lockdown on? I am sure inspiration will occur.

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  5. It must have made it so much harder for you both since you cannot do the things you’d like to do on her birthday. I hope you’re both okay.

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  6. Love this idea. When my BIL died, his grandaughter wanted a balloon to send up to heaven for him after the service.
    We’re hoping to have a chinese takeout for our wedding anniversary/my birthday. If not, I’ll cook us a special dinner, hopefully steak if the butcher’s open.

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  7. It’s lovely that you celebrate the day, and especially for your son. As someone else mentioned, balloons are not a good thing, unless they have come up with a “green” one. They can be very harmful to animals. But I have no doubt you will come up with something brilliant. Best wishes.

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