Surely it’s that kinda day.

The alarm rings and I drag the body out of bed and stumble towards my gym kit. Before exercise the important stuff. Feed the pets.

Start with the Gerbils. They will only eat one type of small animal feed and strangely it’s not the cheapest. Trying to change the food and water is always a challenge when you have three little white chaps scurrying up your arm.

Then it’s the big boy cat. He suffers after years of substance abuse. He has had far too many trips to the vets after sampling various harmful items – usually from the farm. Now he’s banned from going out and has to go on a strict diet. He can only eat gluten, grain and dairy free food. Special food which happens to be three times the price of normal cat food. He’s far from impressed and he is surprisingly fleet of foot which he eyes other food opportunities – usually my dinner.

At least the dog has cheap food tastes. He will eat anything. So he dines out on cheaper branded food. Anything works for him. Cat food, our food, vegetables from the garden. His favourites are particularly healthy options

Yorkshire Puddings

Chips and crisps.

Although cheap to feed he does have his very own foible. He can’t and won’t eat food direct from his bowl. He picks up each individual biscuit and carries it to a chair or the sofa. Munches it there and then returns for the next little piece of food. The process repeats for hours. Takes him ages to eat anything and the mess…..

Here’s the key thing. Yes the pets cost money, add workload and create so much mess.


They bring so much joy to our son. They bring life to the house. Bringing them into our world was the best parenting decision ever.

70 thoughts on “Kinda day

  1. Your dog is gorgeous. I desperately want a dog. Up until now it’s been a total no go area due to work but as things are changing and I will be working from home more I might be able to consider it. I think it could cause a marriage rift but I might have to suck that up! (That’s only partly a joke btw)

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      1. It’s one of my plans for the future. The dog that is, not sure about the other stuff 😉
        It’s great that the pets bring your son so much happiness too. My boys adore our guinea pigs, even the eldest son. I thought they’d lose interest but 3 years on and they are still mad about them. X

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      2. They are lovely little things. Don’t scurry as much as gerbils or hamsters, bigger and easier to handle. They have personalities and ours are indoors so very much family pets. They recognise noises and people and respond. Very cute! X

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  2. My daughter and I both find the cats calming so even if our limited budget means we do without take out meals or movies, it’s worth it to soothe us. Glad your son finds the same joy and comfort with your pets. You’re a great dad doing all that work for his happiness.

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  3. Sounds like a visitor I had recently. Any food I gave him at one end he promptly discharged at the other. Very messy. But parrots don’t have much etiquette I’m afraid, just give me the food. Oh, and a nasty habit of preening me by plucking my beard hairs out one by one. Not a painless procedure I can tell you 😂 🤣

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  4. I agree. Sometimes I complain, especially about the lab (being the moron she is) but really – they are members of our family and bring us all such joy. You are right!

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  5. Yes, animals are the best! They teach children unconditional love and empathy.
    My dog, Bear, has been a life saver during these fear filled months.
    You are making me want a few gerbils. (I would really like a chicken!)

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  6. I bought another $350 of meds for AdamCat, and an unknown amount of food and treats. I feel like I buy food every other day! But ad you say, they’re worth it!!

    I had hamsters but never gerbils. I’ve recently been thinking about a glow-in-the-dark beta fish (a real thing!)… but, realistically, my brain is too full for even a small add’l responsibility.

    Cute pupper pic!!

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      1. LOL… I recall having one like that too. My first pet was a mouse but my parents must have gone cheap and bought a “feeder” mouse instead of one bred as a pet. That thing was wild and I could never catch/hold it.

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  7. Our pets are not pets, but furry family members that just happen to like to walk on all fours. I cannot imagine a life without them. Yes, they are expensive and a bit of work somedays, especially our autistic moggie, Isabella, who often forgets where the litter box is and has a habit of throwing food (unintentionally), but what the heck would life be without them?

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  8. I recognize the sleeping position 🙂 Looks exactly like our dog. It was interesting to read about how your dog eat the food. I will tell you about our dog. She hides the food. She is moving the bowl with her nose under furnitures and if it’s still visible she puts her toys over it so no-one can find it (including her self). After a while I get the bowl for her and she starts to move it again until it’s hidden. I get the bowl again and so on. After about 4-5 times she finally eats the food. Same procedure every time, three times aday …

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  9. So recognise the pure bliss position Capt Chaos has on the sofa. Cute!
    These days Maggie can’t lie on her back as it starts her coughing. Nothing wrong, just old age. Pets are great for kids…….. I’ll rephrase that to suit me to pets are great instead of kids (my sister’s two girls were the best contraceptive/passion killer ever if I became broody. They were BRATS, then suddenly for me it was too late, and pets are my babies) Keep well

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  10. Having had my own pet white lab rat (came from my 7th grade science teacher), I appreciate rodentia.

    Blusey sounds like my Ollie. He’d rather have what is on MY plate than what is in HIS bowl. And, he gets high-dollar grain, gluten & dairy-free food. He also gets special wet food…and herbal supplements for hairballs & urinary tract. He is pampered indoor kitty. Thank goodness for wood floors & linoleum when he does occasionally hack.

    I’ve lived with my share of dogs. Most consume like Hoovers. A Texas neighbor’s Shih Tzu liked to eat plastic. The neighbor remarked that, “…at least his poop is colorful…” 😂

    Ollie is in my lap right now. 🐱🐈

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