I love the Autumn colours. The hot chocolate. The coming prospect of winter sports on the telly. An excuse to snuggle into warm, thick jumpers (sweaters). The dark skies filled with stars.

Some things I don’t like so much.

The dark days. The sense of isolation. The sense of foreboding. The rain. The mind numbingly cold wind. The rain seeping through the back door.

AND the leaves. Thousands of fallen leaves. For some reason our garden is seemingly the final destination for all the trees in the area. Today I looked at the neighbouring gardens, at most a couple of lonely leaves – all missing their buddies. Well I can tell them where they are. In my garden….

So it has started. Going to get a lot worse, well in our garden anyway…..


81 thoughts on “It has started

  1. The leaves are here too. I grew up in Kansas and developed a substantial fear of wind and tornadoes. So, when we went to buy a house, the only rule I had was “No trees in the yard.” We have no trees. But my neighbor has the biggest tree ever that just drops leaves that blow into my yard FOR MONTHS. Ugh. I guess, happy leaf cleaning season!

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      1. Yes, they are such a pain. And I am even more negative about it because of the effort I went to to avoid the whole leaf cleaning process to begin with. Stupid leaves! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I like Autumn as well, except for the fallen leaves, but what used to bother me most about those was people with leaf blowers. The noise! And somehow I couldn’t see the sense in them. Where I am now, fortunately, I never seem to hear one. The colours are spectacular.

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  3. Last weekend it was the first time I collected the first load of leaves too. I just said to my sister-in-law. It needs a while until I can accept that summer is over. But once I do, I really love autumn, its colors, its cooler cozy days.

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      1. It is the joy of living in a conservation area where people…as people do, hold to the mantra of ‘you can’t cut a tree,’ when that is not what the council said. But obvi people hold to things like for various reasons, from being rule abiders par excellence, to lazy mean gits who won’t put their hands in their pockets to maintain what is on their land, to tree huggers who have meltdowns when a branch is lopped. .We have lived, until recently with a wall of out of control giant cypress right across one of the windows.. It is gone now thank to our new neighbour downstairs who has the garden at the front. But you shoulda seen the roots and the damage they’d have done had that thing sat much longer. But when she applied to the council to take it down they initially said no. Get this? Looking at it on Google images and maps, dated 2005. No such thing as sending anyone out. So take what they got. Then this old git across the road who is moving to Edinburgh starts doing the odds at this woman about taking down this lovely old tree. So yeah autumn is fun. We have a maple we maintain but hell the garden is surrounded by other gardens where the trees are not maintained.

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      2. Oh indeed. INDEED. There were tree wars where we used to live. Tree wars like you never saw. One neighbour way way back was fined hundreds for coming and getting the chainsaw out over a tree that was blocking his panoramic view which this guy out the front of him claimed to own. In fact years later it turned out he never did own it. the guy who was fined owned it. Then there was the epic time years later where in that same lane involving that same out the front nutcase, these guys in council vests appeared one day and took out this other tree which they claimed the council owned. We were all out there grabbing bits for our fires. Then, a week later, the police, who plainly had nowt better to do, were at everyone’s doors cos it wasn’t the council at all who had come out and that nutter wanted reparation for the loss of HIS tree. he and them got short shrift.


      3. The last place we live at one owner went to court to get one particular tree cut down. Cost him a fortune and much abuse. Anyway he got the go ahead and brought in the contractor. Unfortunately said contractor picked the wrong tree. Left up the one he wanted down and took down his favourite apple tree. Oppssss.


  4. I guess I’m the only person without the leaves. Oh, the wild Pecan tree drops them, but Dogzilla stomps an crumbles them and it’s not like there’s grass under them to worry about๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ it would be nice to see pretty colors. But we have Pine, eucalyptus, pepper, palm… not really color changing.

    At least your bin will be full๐Ÿ˜‰


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  5. I do ok when winter first comes … ok woo hoo… rain no more fire threat โค๏ธ

    And itโ€™s good for awhile… but then all the gray kinda gets to me and I miss being outside. I miss the sun

    We see how I do this year lol – my winters are different then yours probably?

    I do remember hating, absolutely hating winter in New England ๐Ÿ˜

    Freezing ๐Ÿฅถ cold… I get purple blotches everywhere when I am too cold… and thatโ€™s on top of freckles ๐Ÿคจ

    And if you went outside your snot freezes, your eyeballs water ugh

    Yeah not my season!!

    But letโ€™s see how I do this year.

    By February I will be totally over it lol … usually right after Christmas I am ready for spring lol

    Fall just reminds me winter is coming … the dread is looming lol

    I am definitely a spring and summer girl completely!!

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      1. 50F is doable and ok… we will be 98F tmrw (36C) ๐Ÿคจ

        We still hot but itโ€™s not bad when you come off of temps over 100!! ๐Ÿคจ

        We have new fires of course too… yeah 50F sounds great!! Lol

        Got rain?

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  6. Well… we’re just going to have to find ways to warm up and cheer up this difficult time of year. We can do it. We will figure it out. We will! Blue sky umbrellas help. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  7. One day I went out on our balcony and looked out upon the green space and was surprised to see one of the trees completely covered in gold leaves. I still cannot believe I didn’t notice it before. Many of its neighbors were still arrayed in green. I wonder why this particular one changed so completely so quickly, seemingly overnight. Or maybe I’d been sleep-walking through the days and that is why I didn’t notice it. At any rate, I do wish autumn would last a little longer. It seems so incredibly fleeting. I’m with you, I do not look forward to mind-numbing cold either.

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  8. I can’t believe that our leaves are only just starting to turn and not many are falling yet. I love the colors, but it’s too much of a reminder of the coming winter. I have never liked winter and it doesn’t get any better the older I get. I wish we could hibernate like the bears and not come out until spring is in full swing.

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  9. Iโ€™m very jealous. I live in Hawaii and itโ€™s currently 91 degrees with no wind. If we are lucky, it will dip down in to the 70s during the late evenings/early mornings. Oh what I would give to see some fall leaves and feel the rain on my face! ๐Ÿ˜

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