This will be where I go for my one permitted trip out of the house. The farmers field at the back of the garden. One bit of outside exercise is now permitted by the Government. So that’s taking the dog for his morning constitutional. A few laps round the deserted field.

But look at those puddles. How tempting are they. So want to channel my inner Peppa Pig and jump in those muddy puddles. But I don’t want to get the dog drenched and caked in mud. So maybe I could go back home, drop him off and then come back.

But surely that would count as a second exercise trip out. Breaking the rules.

I bet those sheep would dob me in as payback for feeding them cheap biscuits.

51 thoughts on “Muddy puddles

      1. A couple of weeks ago I was walking the dog who cocked her head and stood on an icy puddle just long enough for the ice to crack and for her to go through. She happily drank the puddle underneath and kept walking, breaking more and more of the ice. I stood on the path nearby with the retractable leash. A little too cold for πŸ™‚

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  1. What possible difference can it make how many times you go out if you only meet the sheep? And Does the dog have to keep it’s paws crossed if it needs to go out again? This is an exercise in silliness. Maybe it’s an episode of Monty Python.

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