While Hawklad had a sleep in I pushed the boat out just a little. A one minute walk to the churchyard. Yes it was a very short walk in the scheme of things but it felt like a different world. Just to see different sights. Experience a little bit more of the world. An important reminder that there is much more to life than our little house and garden.

A few seconds to lean against the very old wall and breathe.

Then it’s back home all too soon. Back behind the castle walls. Return to our little family lockdown. Virtually all of 2021 looks like it will be spent in the house and garden. But just maybe I can sneak out occasionally. Even if it’s just a few yards to the churchyard. It will be good to breathe.

90 thoughts on “Churchyard

  1. I am so happy you got to venture a tiny bit farther out and breathe in air from somewhere new. I hope you continue to find these brief interludes to help you through the time ahead!

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  2. Ooooh! You’re such a rebel!😉😍 Reading about that little walk has me Happy Dancing💃🏼 with a ginormous smile😁
    I bet you got a bit of an adrenaline rush too… worried that Hawklad might wake while you were gone. Kinda like beeing a teen and sneaking out at night while your parents are sleeping😂😂
    You keep being a rebel, Gary Kermit Superdad! 🤘💌💌💌

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  3. Do you plan to get a vaccine? If so, do you know when you’ll be eligible??

    I’ve seen several different charts so it looks like I’ll be eligible somewhere between Mar and May. Work is currently scheduled to return to the office on Apr 5… I don’t want to go!!!

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      1. He is my all-time favourite singer/musician (cowbells, tambourine, cymbals, etc). I loved his choice of songs. Black Plague just seems to pertinent to today, though I doubt when it was written he could have foreseen Covid-19. He was singing about how we can get trapped by our own fears. Now we are there.

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      2. Living in western Canada as I do, where the big stars seldom appear, I have seen him live over 10 times, but never with any version of the Animals. I was a starving hippie when they were together, and could never panhandle the price of admission…

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      3. Check out his website. EricBurdon.com, I believe. He still tours occasionally, I think. Despite his medical condition, his voice is still powerful, and his on-stage energy is unbelievable. Last time I saw him, maybe 4 or 5 years ago, he was playing with a band that could have been made of his grandchildren, if he has any. Old rockers never die, they just keep making music.

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  4. Good to get out and breathe! I don’t understand, especially if you don’t live in the middle of a busy city, why you can’t go out for a walk beyond your property. In our area, there are businesses and schools still shut down, but people can still go out and walk around. The only stipulation being that if they’re within six feet of another person, they put on a mask. If you’re alone, walking outside (where there is lots of air circulation), no worries.

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  5. That’s awesome – the churchyard looks ancient, a lot of history there I presume. Something to ponder. I always wonder what I’d learned if walls could talk – especially very old walls. I am glad you got a bit of a walk in – a change of scenery does the heart good.

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      1. Yes. Wintery lol

        It is like spring here!!

        It is so warm and beautiful no jackets needed nothin

        Had massive winds today but otherwise the weather here is faking me out making me think spring is upon us … 🤨… I just bracing for it to pull back into winter lol

        I am ready to dig out all my summer stuff ❤️❤️❤️ woo hoo!!!!!!! Totally almost there!!

        See now if you actually came here? How would you even go back? Because how you not be spoiled? … well unless you come late summer when we on fire lol … just remember not late summer lol … temps can be over 110 so pace yourself lol

        Spring is perfect though – then you would be spoiled in spring – totally and completely! Spring would hook you. You would become American lol …I am teasing you now lol ✌️

        But spring would totally spoil you!

        Fall is iffy depending on fires, fire danger and winds

        You might actually love our winter because it is sometimes rainy weather (we only have that in winter) but would be very warm to you. (It is cold to me)

        We do desperately need rain though – no rain means another horrific fire year 😳

        Anyway – yes – snow has that wintery feel lol ✌️

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      2. Well yeah… probably be little culture shock

        Well wait you have been to other countries – you know what it is like lol

        Was it like that for the countries you have been too?

        I think yours would be culture shock for me – yeah probably? Maybe? Most likely lol

        You would all have wicked accents!!! That would be pretty cool – I would smile a lot lol

        Your food would be different – ish . There is some that would be familiar maybe?

        And of course – my world would look very different than yours I guess all around huh?

        Is nice to experience new sometimes. Change your world for a minute you never know what life brings

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      3. Well yes… lol … you are English and never been to America … let me say this… I come from East Coast… now I am West Coast… it was slight culture shock little bit even just cross country … it’s just different… you coming from England

        California is pretty amazing – so prepare for that. I really don’t see how you could go home lol but maybe? Cause home has a pull too… but I’m just telling you it’s amazing ✌️(except when we are burning or without power) lol ✌️ just don’t come during those times lol

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