Sun going down on another day. Another Groundhog Day.

The days are just blending together. No week day seems to stand out. I get up at the same time each day. Check the calendar to try to work out which day of the week it is (never exactly clear). Do my exercise. Take the dog out for a quick walk in the flooded farmers field. Make the same breakfast for Hawklad. Feed the pets. Check the work system – nothing. Survive the school at home gig while squeezing in as much housework as possible. Fight with Microsoft Teams to close the school day down. Prepare the evening meal (the same ones on repeat every week). Look at the clock to see it’s about 6pm. Look out the window and another day is quickly ebbing away.

On repeat.

That’s why the evening’s and weekends are so important. Need to make those work. Work better than they do currently. Too often they drift by as well. I end up going to bed thinking I survived the day rather than I LIVED the day.

Has to change.

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  1. I absolutely hated one of my last jobs and I remember just wishing, “I can’t wait for this day, or this week to be over!” Then I realized I was wishing my life away and really had to reorient my thinking to find something enjoyable or special about each day. I am not in your shoes – I can’t imagine how difficult your situation is right now. I hope there is something new or special out there for you each day to enjoy. Like my crappy job, this too shall pass. It just really stinks right now. Thinking of you and hoping tomorrow brings you something really special!

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  2. When was the last time you played music on your singing bowl? 🙂
    Have you ever had breakfast for supper? I used to make pancakes for my family more often at supper than breakfast. 🙂
    You all can’t go to concerts but you can rock out to the music at home. Turn up the music and tell yourself you got this! You will make a way! 🙏

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  3. Yes, I can understand that Groundhog Day feeling of sameness. I have experienced a lot of that, too, especially in this past year. I feel blessed that I at least have our church we can attend again( at the moment) as well as our little youth group (at the moment). It at least gives me two days out of the house for short periods, a few other people to see. And, when I am so inspired, I also have my creative pursuits in writing, baking, and art. But, really, most other days I can only mark by what chore I do. I learned long ago to schedule different ones each day so I am not as likely to get physically overloaded, but it also helps me mark the time. Doesn’t make it any more thrilling, of course.😏 Here’s hoping for an unexpected joy to head you and Hawklad’s way.

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  4. Back in my addiction counselling days, I had a slogan printed on my office wall: CHANGE IS POSSIBLE, BUT ONLY IF YOU WANT THAT CHANGE. Invariably, a client would ask what that meant. My answer: “If you want to make changes in your life, they will happen. But if someone else is telling you to change, then there will be no change. You must want it for yourself.”
    Most of my clients did not want to change, not at first, but the possibility egged them on, and maybe not their first round of counselling, maybe not their second round of counselling, but generally by their third round they would say something like, “Those words on your wall, they’re starting to make sense. I think I want to change.” That didn’t make change any easier, but it made success a hundred times more likely.
    I’m not saying you should want to change your life, but if you do want to change, make it about you, not about Hawklad. When you are happy about yourself, and your life, Hawklad will be happy too. It is the natural way of things.

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      1. Ask the record companies. Not even everything released in the US gets across the border. Hell, some YouTube videos are not licenced to play in Canada.
        We do get some albums that come across the ocean by special order, but you have to know they exist to order them. Shit, back in the 60s and 70s, we could get supposedly the same album, but some songs were missing, and others were added on that weren’t on the British release. Or just the order of the songs would be different.Why they did this I will never understand.
        My best example of selected/restricted music I only recently discovered. On the Canadian release of the Doors album, Waiting for the Sun, my copy had the entire long version of Celebration of the Lizard. Never thought anything about it. A few years ago I was talking on a Doors chatroom, and found out the American version had a short, three minute version. I think someone said they never had a studio album with the entire song on it. My copy would have been worth a fortune, had I known. But I lent it to someone, and never got it back. Now I have no idea who I lent it to, or where. Grrrrr.


      2. Well, at least you get it. Most hits, either British, or American, get released here, and while I like hits, most of my favourite music is the album stuffers, or the B sides. The B side of the Bee Gee’s New York Mining Disaster 1941 was a song called I Can’t See Nobody, which is still one of my favourites today

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      3. Censorship, maybe? But most likely the record execs try to predict what the listening audience wants to hear. We don’t spend money on music we don’t like, after all.
        The day I listen only to Top Ten music is the day after the day I die.

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  5. I think many of us feel that we’re just existing at the moment, so you’re not the only one. However, I am looking forward to going to our caravan when the holiday park opens up again. Perhaps a holiday or a change of scene would give you something to look forward to?

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  6. Same here but for different reasons. At least we can go to the park, the beach, walk round the block, go in a different direction, change the meals around, have cereal for tea etc. I find myself looking forward to bedtime at around 9pm, mainly to read, or recently play crib before turning out the light. Bedtime used to be the only time Maggie would really settle. We miss her.

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  7. Wish you were here. It’s a beautiful Spring-like day… clear, subtle breeze, and perfect temps. I wish I could be out on the ocean… grey whales are migrating and orcas start appearing around now. I’m desperate to see an orca in the wild!!

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  8. Wanna trade, leendad2? Two days ago we had a snow squall. Wind gusts to 193 kms an hour on the Canadian prairies! Blew trees down. Roofs off buildings. Semi-trailers right off the road and over on their sides. Graineries were toppled. Heavy construction equipment blew around like tinker toys. They’re talking $4 billion in damages. There were white outs from the falling/blowing snow. Luckily the temps were around zero C, or this could have been called the worst blizzard on record.

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  9. That is such a funny way to put it? Survived the day, rather than lived it.

    Well… this is not your forever. This is only your moment. I am glad you have survived the day… and ya know fun little game trying to figure out what day it is – I play that as well lol

    Glad that you survive your days 😘✌️ hope you survive as much as you can

    And you do live … you just miss contact … but ok… then, let’s play …

    So let’s just pretend for a minute … virus is over, life is back to normal …

    Are you learning yourself through the virus ??

    You have been able to process, you have been able to heal… more than you were a year ago?

    Now life has you aching to have life back ❤️

    So ya know you have blessings … not to mention the memories and moments with your son.

    Life is not normal right now and you keep wanting it to be but it won’t be for awhile. You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole.

    Things are different now so… just know you do good, you are strong, you just have to roll with what comes. Life will make you laugh and also cry…

    I think I have said before?? … but I hate the movie “Click” with Adam Sandler

    I used to love him until THaT movie!! I went into that movie thinking would be a comedy ?? But I literally cried for half the movie 🤨🤨🤨

    So I didn’t like him after that because it made me cry too much.

    But that movie.. sometimes you wish for that… to maybe pause time or fast forward – maybe rewind?

    Is funny how we look at things – not knowing what we truly have right in front of us ?? We don’t stop an see that?

    So anyway … I still hate that movie!! I am guaranteed to cry 💔

    So be playful another way? Time is different, is not yesterday anymore.

    Is ok you are still making memories … they are just different … and memories don’t have to be anything fantastic or whatever … they can be simple too.

    {{{{{ children’s stories }}}}}}
    What do you have to lose but time right? 🙏 couldn’t hurt. And you can’t be gallivanting around anywhere … so ???

    You really should give that a shot. Why not? Just see

    I think you should … I think would be fun … I think be productive for you – and if not the best will still make you creative

    And I think that concept is also amazing… so why you not do that for yourself? When it’s so creative and you have it right there!! And you have the time!!! Omg do that!!! You could make it amazing!!

    Don’t make it for others though because it has to come from your soul.. so only do it for that… but I think you should ✌️

    It will be ok… we are just morphing into something different ✌️

    Morph into famous children’s author lol ❤️ wouldn’t that be amazing? Problem solved – books 📚

    You have strength and talent you are not tapping, how come?

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      1. Frame it? Cause what you said about your stories … that one on the train with your son and that little girl…

        I thought was awesome as is. ❤️ that was awesome!

        Simple – don’t make too hard.

        Have you looked at Amazon?

        Not sure if that is American? Hopefully it is world wide?

        Start small – build yourself.
        Make it easy

        I have not written any books lol – but with Amazon – is all laid out for you and they walk you through.

        So many people make books on Amazon … I’m not sure if it costs anything though? I have never done it myself ?

        But easier than finding publisher and also gives public the chance to love even if a publisher doesn’t

        And if you hit it big… then you can come back with your demands lol 😘✌️

        And then you be a famous children’s author ✍️… how’s that title for you?

        You are meant for something? Could be that?

        Don’t lose that imagination or connection with a child’s mind – I love that about you ❤️ I think you have it with those stories so you let me know if and when you decide to do that.

        I’ll be waiting for the live movie version 😘✌️

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