Who would have thought a year a go that a trip to the garage would so resemble a decontamination scene from the movie Outbreak. You arrive and you are greeted by someone in a full face Perspex visor and gloves. A clear bag is held out at arms length for me to drop my car keys into. They are sprayed with something before the bag is closed. I’m asked a number of health questions and told to keep my face mask on at all times. Then ushered into the building through a roped off side door. I’m then directed to a clear screen and the masked service engineer discuss my 4 wheeled bag of rust. I’m then pointed to a tray with a car key – clearly recently sprayed. After I have picked the key up another person with full head protection takes through a separate door and pointed towards the service pool car parked in a separate roped off part of the car park. I’m then given verbal instructions on how to return with the car. I have to park next to the car wash in the roped off return zone.


Kind of makes me wish I had cleaned my car now. It is a right state. Feeling guilty about that….

And if you think that’s decontamination. It’s not a patch on what I had to go through on my return to our house. Hawklad wasn’t taking any chances.

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      1. Yes, yes they are being safe and you guessed right. Trying to keep you and them safe in the best way they think they can. Same with your beloved son, bless him. Same with what I have to go through at work. We’re all new to this swim lark, thrown in the deep end doing a doggy paddle, with our trunks full of air like some sort of float aid.


  1. Good that they take hygiene factors and safe distancing seriously at your garage!πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
    Covid viruses can stay alive on surfaces for days so it is good their staff take safety protocol seriously for everyone’s sake.
    Our supermarkets used to have mask, perspex visor for cashiers during local community spread period and now they have stood down on perspex but expects all cashers mask up

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      1. Imagine the scene, this is what happened to me: I went to send some money via the post office to family. This one is sort of in the same building, right next to the garage called Johnstown Filling Station & Post Office, Carmarthen. I had queued with 2 metre spaces with others during my 1/2 lunch break, where I have to stay as immaculately clean as possible. I was then at the counter “Woohoo!” I might get a chance to eat a sarnie when I’ve finished doing this. When a middle aged, filthy mechanic, without a face mask on, pushed me to one side and slid a wad of money under the glass screen saying to the post office woman “Look after this for me” and darted off. I had to steady my mind, did my business and then complain quickly with “I’m disgusted and I will never set foot in here again!”

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  2. I’m shocked Hawklad let you back in the house already. I figured you’d still be outside scrubbing down with the hose.
    It’s so rough on him. And frustrating for you at times.
    Gorgeous photo😍


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