It looks like Yorkshire. It feels like Yorkshire. Its moody, dark, windy and cold. It is Yorkshire. Some places are perfect for growing olives, oranges, pineapples and coconuts. The climate in some places are just perfect for fantastic wine. Here in Yorkshire the climate is perfect for Rhubard…..says it all doesn’t it.

How difficult can a Science test be.

The answer – a nightmare.

40 minutes to complete 20 questions. Sounds easy. Questions about Pressure, Force, Springs and Moments. Not easy for Hawklad but seemed to get there. Worked stuff out in his head. But that’s only part the story. The real story is trying to get the answers to the teacher. He can answer the questions in his head but then struggles to record them. It’s such an effort to type or write for him that he losses the answers he has in his mind. He can confuse himself or just forget. Even trying to write and type as he goes along doesn’t work, it seems to disrupt his thinking. Ends up going round in circles.

The other option is a scribe. But talking out aloud makes him nervous and makes it harder for him to answer correctly. Often what he describes is different to the answer he has visualised.

How frustrating must that be.

59 thoughts on “Frustration

  1. That is frustrating. Declan has the same issue. He was given a scribe to write down the answers as he gives them verbally since he can’t write fast enough in the time given, but we had a different problem. He would try to explain what he was thinking, and even if it was wrong, the scribe would give him the right answer and write that down. It bothers me most in his core subjects, especially math. It looks like he understands the subject on paper but he really does not get the concept and is being pushed forward. The whole thing is so tough to figure out!

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    1. I always want telepathy, lol. I just don’t always want it with everyone. There are some people I do not want entering my mind, and there are a whole lots of people whose minds I do not want to enter. I might not find my way out!

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      1. That would take some practice. I have experienced telepathic moments with a few people, but never when I wanted, or expected them. I closed them down before I even knew what they were. My life would probably been much different had I not reached without thinking.

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      2. I did with my Dad. I was at a Deep Purple concert 300 miles from my parents house. Before mobiles. During the Bad Company support set I sat down. Realised Dad had just died. Got there 8 hours later to find he had at about that time.


      3. The ways of the mind are never to be underestimated. Not about death, but I could tell you many stories most people would have trouble believing. But they are true, and they all happened to me. As far as I know, everyone has at least one. But most people
        refuse to believe them, or interpret them so they won’t think themselves crazy. You, I some others, we already know we are crazy. We have no need to lie to ourselves.

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  2. Terribly frustrating.
    I think online and virtual, though it has lots of benefits, can create frustration and tension for the calmest of individuals. Some of the parents on my video calls are almost in tears with frustration at having to set up the call, getting the link to work, WiFi dropping in and out. It doesn’t make for the most positive consultation that’s for sure! When you know the answer on your head but can’t express it in anyway to have it recognised as accurate … that’s really tough! I’m glad he has you to support and reassure him xx

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  3. I know you don’t have time during a timed test, a ridiculous concept in the first place, but you can help him by giving him questions without a time pressure to them, and talking out his answers with him, and especially the processes he has to go through to get them.
    A wise alien in an old SF book I read as a young person said, “Kractice makes kerfect.” His alien sound system could not sound the letter p, it always came out as a k sound, no matter how much he kractised.
    The point is, though, that helping Hawklad through the process will help to remove his fear of the process, and hopefully make sense of what it takes to learn how to organize his mind. Give him all the time he needs, and all the help he wants. He can teach his brain through repitition, and he can learn from your patience.

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  4. Extremely frustrating, I would guess, I was going to suggest talk to text until I read further. Poor guy! My heart goes out to him. And to you as well, I know how painful it is to want to help your child and not be able to. But you are giving him your support, which matter more than any answers to any test or quiz In fact, I’d say it’s the most important thing you can do. Rock on, super dad!

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