It’s horrid weather today so let’s go back a few weeks. That’s better.

I heard someone from the Government brush off a parent talking about her daughters genuine fears and phobias about returning to school. Her daughter doesn’t think her classroom and school is safe enough. From the sound of it her daughter is in a similar place to Hawklad. Really struggling. The interviewer cut off the parent saying that she was in the minority and the vast majority would see things much more positively. The message from the Government followed instantly. People and kids who had concerns and fears needed to listen to the majority. Schools are completely safe, just get on with it. Parents have an obligation to send their children into schools when they open.

Meanwhile back here the NHS Psychologist is just at the early stages of a treatment programme to try and help with Hawklad’s deep seated anxieties. No guarantee that the programme will ever work. This week’s task is for Hawklad to try and stand in the front garden for 1 minute. The message is don’t worry if you can’t do that. Even a few seconds will be a massive leap of faith. And if he can’t do it at all then we can try another week. Pushing people with significant fears and ingrained anxieties can do so much harm to their long term mental health.

The Government and the ‘Majority’ are not trained mental health practitioners. They have absolutely no idea what some people are going through. On this issue they can stand out in the rain and whistle for all I care.

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  1. When the government starts to paysubstantial child support with regards to the rearing of a child that they had no hand in creating they can take their parenting ideas and shove them right on up their arse. Like seriously. And the very fact that the interviewer cut the mother off and told her that she and her daughter are a minority. It is not a wonder that more and more people are just settling back and dealing with things on their own rather then hope that the government is going to do anything but take money and tell how to raise children.
    And if the schools are safe places to be then maybe each and everyone of those politicians needs to be travelling through a typical school day. Once this rather long check list has been completed to the satisfaction of parents they need to remember that eventually everyone tires of a bully(ies) and will get rid of them. More and more people need to stand up and say no you are wrong and you are an idiot. I am sorry once more I have lost my temper with your gov’t. I am not saying that the Canadian Gov’t is end all be all but every single time I read about your gov’t my temper rises to such a point that I am blustering I am so ticked off. I would love to have a sit down with the stupid git of an education minister that you have. I can’t promise I won’t serve spiked tea. Have a good day. Hugs to you and Hawklad. 🙂

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      1. I am really glad that I do not live over there. I would be one of those on the steps of parliament making a lot of noise. And I guess what I have such a hard time getting my head around is that these are elected officials. They work for us not the other way around. We pay their salaries. We pay for their trips and their little wants and needs. Time to remember who is really the ones with the upper hand and it is not the gov’t. They just use scare tactics apparently to bend people to their will. Bullies. Lol damn it I went off on another tangent.

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      2. I am glad I don’t live in London, as I would have got arrested for trying to pelt eggs through the gate of 10 Downing Street.
        If it wasn’t for that gate stopping you from literally being on there, then the door would have been pelted with eggs and flour.

        As for my door, there will soon be a sign on it, to warn not to put your voting papers through my door unless you will plan to enshrine #EssentialFamilyCarers as law.

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  2. Fuming with the UK Government as already mentioned, with the damage caused to the UK in a number of areas. One that I am affected by greatly and have blogged a little about, but voiced alot on Twitter.
    And as for your scenario, pissed off for your situation too.
    Your son cannot be rushed and if anyone thought different, I would tell em to fuck off. Sorry for swearing, but this is my mood with the Government for some time now.

    If I was a patent, I wouldn’t feel that school was safe either and wouldn’t want them to go back. Especially if all going back. Not when its crowded classrooms and corridors.
    I be scared if a pupil.
    I feel the pain for both of you and I hope no one expects and pushes your son to go back.

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  3. I have a feeling that no matter where you live, it isn’t much different. My own son had issues when he was in school. They kept putting him in classes with “trained” instructors. The ones who Understood. Those were the worst. Even when I would sit with them and explain him and his ways and needs, they always knew better. No, no one knows better than the parent of the child. Not the schools, not the government, at times, not even the doctors. We as the parents know, and we will do what it takes to help our child.

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      1. To me, it seems as if they are trying to do a cookie cutter system. Trying to teach all the kids in the same manner with no room for adjustments and that simply isn’t possible. Not if they really want to educate.

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  4. It never ceases to amaze me when higher ups feel they know better than those in the schools. We are a family of teachers. I retired two years ago after 35 years. Neither my spouse, nor my daughter want to go back to in person schooling. It is not safe and we all know it. My daughter was told yesterday that her youngest is to go back two days a week for two hours each of those days. She opted to not do that and continue the virtual learning. Luckily, that is an option here.

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  5. I am reading a book where the main character has agoraphobia and she is doing similar exercises as Hawklad to try and feel safe outside. Some days she succeeds for about 20 seconds, and some days she does not. I have my own social anxieties as well – my point being – in both cases there is a physical response. Trying to maintain composure and work through very real fears is very difficult on the best day. It is hard for some of the people closest to us to understand that, let alone the government. It’s terrible!

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  6. These are such solid and good points. It is such a strange and unhealthy (to understate it) time in our world. I am , as always, glad your son has such a safe base in you. It genuinely makes all the difference. My deepest care to him and you as you journey this time. 💗

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  7. much to think about…kids have been back to school here for a few months ( in U.S.) but many parents have opted to to stick with homeschooling or computer learning. Do they not give that option there?also, totally agree- those who have no experience or education in mental health should not be making decisions for those who do.

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  8. One more example of things to ignore as far as government messages are concerned. Obviously their agenda does not include care for the vulnerable and fragile. To hell with them! I am so glad Hawklad has a little bit of help. I will be praying he is able to step outside, if only for a few seconds. It would make him feel so empowered. But if he can’t do it, that’s okay too. Nobody can know for sure what he needs in his heart of hearts. Whatever that may be, I hope he receives it. Hugs.

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  9. “Stand in the rain and whistle”… I like that. I would’ve said “Kick rocks”, but I think that’s a regional saying.
    Look at me… NOT ranting. I’ve said it so many times… UGH!
    I hope Hawklad can go out front. How about letting the front door be open for a minute? Would that be worse?
    Time, care, empathy and understanding is what he needs. Lucky he has all that in his Dad!!😍
    Another stunning photo!!

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  10. The same people saying “go with the majority” are the same people who would tell their own children “if your friends jumped off a bridge would you do it??”

    Ugh. Telling you to do whatever backs their own agenda regardless.

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