The Head Gardener seems to be enjoying his work…..

Don’t you just love cars. My car went into the garage to get its breaks fixed, the petrol tank made less corroded and then pass its annual test. The brakes and tank have been delayed since February due to parts being on back order. They can only be sourced from China for my car. Getting the parts was a tad difficult because of the pesky virus. Well a year later we tried again.

All good until the dreaded phone call. The petrol tank needs another part which is still unavailable from the Chinese supply chain. So the car has been partly fixed and partly patched up. It’s somehow fudged its way through the test. So I can drive it but not too far until the other part turns up.

Oh what fun. But as the car is doing about 0 miles a week at present. It’s not an issue.


What the Head Gardener is doing to the garden might be an issue.

67 thoughts on “Cars

  1. This is why I am thankful my son works for the dealership where I bought my car. If anything needs work he takes care of it for me. So far there has been no need for parts. Now, as for the head gardener, I have two which take turns. Do you want to guess the state of my yard at the moment?

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  2. I feel your pain. The part we needed for our broken car had to be ordered and then I had to listen to the mechanic complain that the whole engine had to be taken a part to get this one piece in, and yada, yada, yada, we got the car back and it is making a horrible noise and still feels off when I drive it. It has to go back and the other car needs its yearly. The car place is no fun when you have cranky cars!

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  3. Aww… he’s “helping”. At least he doesn’t “help” like Zeus… digging holes. Hmmm… maybe that *would* be helpful… your very own private tunnel 😂😂😂
    My car needs a new windshield, and I payed the fees for last year, but didn’t get the “smog test” cuz lockdown. Another year has rolled around, and I haven’t received my renewal. I guess they’re still waiting for me to complete the 2020 renewal😂😂😂💌💌💌

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