I don’t know why but as soon as I saw our morning sky I immediately thought of two opposing medieval armies preparing for battle. Just waiting for the mist to lift before they crash into each other.

Our area has had so many bloody battles dating back to Viking times. Who is to say that these very fields have not witnessed that grim sight.

Today’s grim sight was restricted to this unshaven, unkempt Bloke with zero fashion sense leaning against the fence. Coffee cup in hand, exposing his partly covered hairy legs to potentially the ghosts of the past. I guess in years gone by I would have opted for the kilt look. Need to get the air onto those ‘airy knees.

Mist is an apt way of describing my current thinking this morning. After a year of lockdown (now just two weeks short of that anniversary), I still can’t see the way forward. No nearer establishing when (or if) Hawklad will feel able to return to the outside world. Is it school or permanent homeschooling. Will my job survive. When will be our next holiday or excursion. Are my dreams on hold or permanently cancelled. Will I ever get to where my heart desperately wants to go. Is that it for concerts or football for us. When will we see friends and family. Is that it for hugs. Is the world still out there. Has anyone even noticed that we aren’t part of the crowds anymore.

A pandemic year and I still can’t answer those questions.

Mind and hope mist.

That is not a great feel.

61 thoughts on “Mist

  1. I would certainly ask your son about whether to stick with home school so you both have a plan for the important years if his life. I would like to think that it would just take away one of many pressures he has in life, so he can just do his best. You have certainly done well with him in this and could possibly see into it so that he has home schooling that you and some others could provide where school has failed.

    The idea of you in shorts with coffee would make someone like me feel colder, that’s already wrapped up if walking out. I be fee colder. I bet it was fresh, how my flst feels this morning.

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  2. The world is out here, Gary, and I suspect that you aren’t the only one asking the kinds of questions you are.
    My amateur advice is to muddle along for now cos I feel that there will be better light in a month or two.
    Meanwhile, work on the legs and savour that son of yours. 🌻☕💚

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  3. This is quite an image. Indeed there could have been battles fought there. You are fighting a different one right now. On a lighter note, if you wandered out of the list like that you could have a future as a tourist attraction.

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  4. I often watch the mist when it shrouds the woods behind my home. While your land was possible battle sites, here I know the Cherokee passed through. By way of stories passed down and the artifacts a cousin collected long ago. Eventually those mists lift and the world opens up before us. What awaits us, how we will progress, may yet to be seen, but we will, eventually find the correct way we are meant to travel.

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  5. Again, you found very good analogies from what you observe outside to what happens in life. Oh, those mist, it will accompany us until the last day. But the good thing is that there are so many times when it dissolves and reveals some clarity!


  6. The Sunlight will burn the mist away. Never fear.
    There will be holidays, trips to the sea, concerts… when the time is right. 🌊💃🏼🌠🌈
    You don’t need to have all the answers now. Getting through each day with love and small joys is good enough for now.
    You’re rockin it, Gary Kermit Superdad! Never doubt it!

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  7. Our school principal has resorted to consulting a magic-8 ball to our questions during a staff meeting. A grim sense of humor, maybe hoping to distract from the reality that no one knows the answers. Not even those in charge! 💕

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  8. Given the choice between a pandemic and a mediaeval battle I’m not sure which I’d prefer. I haven’t lost a limb in the pandemic, but the battle would have been over after a few hours and I could have gone back to normal life.


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