Look at this. The first daffodil. It’s always such a lift when they appear. The return of a bit of warm colour. Much needed. Can we now officially call it SPRING. For what it’s worth a quick and very unscientific check of the photos is telling me that they have arrived one day earlier than last year.

If only WP was that reliable. Scheduled posts not working. Finding it harder to post comments that actually appear. Random unfollows. Likes not working. Photos refusing to publish. Messed up editing. Yep I think the WP IOS app has beaten me. Need to get myself a better laptop and switch to the web based option. See if it works better with Windows.

But until then we will soldier on. Do what I can. Don’t get too worked up if it refuses to work properly. There a great quote from The Book of Joy. A quote which has Buddhist traditions but was also told to me bizarrely by a cricket coach who was talking about getting out of a bad run of batting form. Basically it says….. Pointless worrying about what you can’t control and why are you worrying about stuff you can control.

Ok let’s try to remember that. Forget WP and my troubles. Think about the things in my life that lift me up and that I love. That will help push the negative thoughts away for some precious moments.

We can do this.

79 thoughts on “Daffodil

  1. From that photo, it appears you are soon to have quite a garden filled with daffodil. I have them growing wild in clumps all around the yard but I haven’t seen as many blooms. I watch for those every year. immediately declaring it spring with the first bloom. My son chastises me over my worrying about things, because in the long run, as you said, if its something we can do nothing about, we are simply spinning our wheels and wasting precious time.

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      1. It’ll be about another 6 weeks or so on our end before we see the first signs of spring flowers. Sigh. But I do understand the excitement of seeing the first signs!

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  2. What a welcome sight! I just had a sudden flash of memory, seeing the hill by Clifford’s Tower in York carpeted with daffodils. Where did that come from?

    Thank you for the quote, Gary. I should make a large copy of it at stick it by my bed. So much worthless 4am worrying.

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  3. I’ve never clapped eyes on you, but I see who you are. I may never see another post from you, but know what I’ve seen is from a person of integrity (OMG it says I spelt that word right the first time). Anyhoo, you clap eyes on what is important to see within you. If you never get to write another post, you journey on in joy, peace… So trust yourself as a person who doesn’t need to worry. You may occasionally choose to do so to fill a moment, but meh, 😏 why bother?

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  4. Not a hint of colour here. Just white. Yesterday green and brown patches opened up, This morning? All covered up by more snow. But I think it’s done. 2 summer creatures came to visit yesterday…a chipmunk and some very handsome wild turkey chaps.

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      1. They are not blooming very long. Mostly only for about two or three weeks and mostly between mid March and mid April. But it depends a lot on the temps.


  5. Our Canadian Women’s Curling Championship is now in high gear, on TV, with only cardboard cutouts in the stands. But at least it us something, though the curling is not up to normal professional standards for lack of actual playtime. Still, I saw a four raise bump for two shot yesterday to win a game, just an incredible play, by the hated bad team. Gotta hand it to them, it had to be perfect, and it was. Two draws to go to see who makes the playoffs.
    Prolonged winters do have their good sides. With three more weeks of curling championships to go, if they can stay Covid-free, it will be a while before we get bored by the lockdown again.

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      1. Unfortunately, my team, Team Jennifer Jones, has removed herself from the tournament for reasons of playing like a schmuck. If you follow curling at all, you know Team Jones as one of the world’s best teams in women’s curling, probably the best ever at this point. She peaked in 2014 when she went undefeated through the Olympics. She has been going slowly downhill ever since. Why is she my team? She is from my hometown, and I watched her grow from an awkward amateur into who she is today. I used to revel in every rock she threw, now I agonize with each one.
        The Canadian Scottie are down to two teams, Rachel Homan from Ontario, 3 time Scottie Champ, and Kerry Einarson, last year’s champion. Game time is now less than 2 hours away. I will be cheering for Einarson. Why. She too is from my home province. This is about the only sport in the world I am loyal to my home.
        But then, these days, players on teams are rarely from the home of the team they play for. In curling, at least in Canada, at least two of the team members have to hail from the home province, and at least 3 have to have permanent residence there. I like those rules.

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  6. Ooooh, there it is again … the lovely daffodil! I remember when you had pictures and posts about daffodils last year (must have been a year ago I guess). I always think of William Wordsworth and his “I wandered Lonely as a Cloud” and I remember that I wrote that in my comment. And here it is again … the lovely Daffodil and … I once again sit here, saying …

    I wandered lonely as a cloud
    That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
    When all at once I saw a crowd,
    A host, of golden daffodils

    I love that poem and I always think about it when “I wandered lonely as a cloud”.

    It is such a lovely picture, I love it. I don’t have any problems right now with WP (fingers crossed). I hope the problems for you will be solved.

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  7. Since we moved here, we have always had one solitary daffodil which appears in late January. We were always under the impression that daffodils somehow multiplied but this particular one has always remained on its own.

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  8. Today ia our last “official” day of summer. We keep it simple here with the seasons commencing on the first day of March, June, September and December respectively. So it’s around six months until daffodils reappear. Currently our garden is coloured by roses, dahlias, and fuchsias.

    I reluctantly use the WordPress app on my android phone and it does cause issues from time to time. I use it only for reading and occasionally for comments. I’d never attempt to use it to compose blog posts or manage my WordPress account. For that I only use a web browser either on my desktop or laptop, both of which are Linux based, not Windows.

    There is a WordPress Linux app, but that’s no better than the android version in my view, so I’ll stick to the web version for now.

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