We all need those little Rays of Sunshine. Those wonderful people and things in life that never fail to lift you up. That always make you smile. That remind you just how good life can be. The best evidence that it can be a Wonderful Life.

I checked the work email system this morning. Thankfully not for long. Just 6 emails. Two boring ones. A couple of routine questions. That left two…..

One started off saying “why do I have to do that job with XXXXX, he is a T**t.” That piece of Shakespearean sonnet continued in a similar vain for 10 more lines.

The other email was an equally uplifting piece of thespian prose. Basically it was taking great delight in pointing out a mistake made by another member of staff. Carefully sent to everyone in the organisation.

Deep joy. I’ve so missed work. But this morning I’m able to just brush off those emails. I’m still smiling. Smiling thanks to those little Rays of Sunshine.

47 thoughts on “Ray of sunshine

  1. Rays of sunshine are a powerful things. They do lift us when life is a maze of drudgery and complaints. I knew this one was about me. πŸ˜‡ πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£ I hope that made you laugh or smile and I hope your day is filled with rays. Or Rey. The last Starwars was really good. Probably one of the better movies. Definitely the best in that series. So Rays or Rey. You take your pick. Stay out if the rain Superdad.

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