It’s been a while but I seem to have upset someone again. A couple of comments from my own country. So to my new fan I am certainly not thankful for everything Boris is doing for us. I hear you, I think.

Our schools are open again. Brexit is the best thing we have ever done, We are free of Europe. We control our borders again. We are safer. We have beaten Covid. Apparently I’m a ‘trumped up lefty’, ‘a European lover’ and ‘I need to get my head out of my ****”. IF I don’t like it then ‘I should sod off to France’.

Sadly if you hadn’t of sworn I might not have accidentally blocked you.

Ok I’m probably a bit left of centre. Definitely think of myself as European. And I probably would sod off to Europe if I could. Unfortunately your beloved Brexit has just made that virtually impossible. So I’m actually kind of with you so far. But sorry I don’t share your view on anything else. Thanks to Boris we have the most corrupt Government we’ve had in centuries. We have some of the highest Covid death rates in the world. Our care homes were forsaken by his government in their our of need. Thousands died. We’ve had spikes in death rates directly correlated to decisions from Boris. Brexit is a shambles and killing off large parts of the economy. Our countries civil rights are being undermined because of Boris. He’s turned his back on the Grenfall Tower survivors. He’s refused to take action on all the other dangerous High Rise buildings. He’s repeatedly turned his back on the family’s in this country who are in food poverty. He’s slashed the overseas aid budget.

So no I don’t think we will ever agree. We shall continue to dream for really different countries. I’m never going to sign up to yours. That’s never going to happen.

101 thoughts on “Fan mail.

  1. The haters can take a hike. I never understood the need to take time out of life to write hateful things to others online. Like… time is precious, that is precious time they are wasting on spreading hate and it’s precious time you waste on reading it and nobody wins.

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  2. UGH! Sorry about your “fan” mail! But you handled it wonderfully! Well-said in a dignified way! I did laugh about the “accidentally” blocking! πŸ™‚ Glad you did! You don’t need that kind of “fan” mail, no one does!

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  3. I think one of your readers there, seems to think me saying “You don’t let the cycle of abuse continue” is a “horrible” comment to say, lol. Boris has inflicted a huge amount of harm, division and violence on the British people. You don’t have to beat someone up, to be violent, divisive or harmful either.

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  4. probably some Boris ‘bot’. The attempts to ‘gaslight’ have never been greater AT EVERYTHING. Armies of people who don’t actually exist shaping opinion. But also even if not, people say on here what they would never stand and say to anyone face to face, which makes them cowards actually. Plus, generally right now, people seem to be losing it right, left and centre. Bottom line? Your opinions are yours. Your politics are your affair. You don’t need to justify what you think on here, on your own blog.

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  5. You are an open-minded person who speaks open-hearted. That can attract people who comment in a way you wrote about here. But your blog is your kingdom and the place where you can write freely. I am glad that you are who you are because that is why I am following you, Gary!

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  6. I understand that people have different opinions, what I will never understand is why, if you feel that strongly about something, would you bother to read or follow someone with completely opposing views just so you can post hateful comments? That’s just plain weird 🀯

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      1. Friend of mine I’m really sorry I cannot talk to you better over here either so if you can give me your Gmail hangout so I can add you up so we can talk better things that just best way ok

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  7. I told you to the nature of my job that I’m not that good in this site thousand asking for your hangout Gmail so I can add you up so we can talk better over there you understand me so we are friends so now you are a good friend to me

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