As penance for being one of life’s great numpties I started supporting one of the world’s worst football teams. Think more soap opera than bastion of sporting greatness. But every week 52000 other lost souls descend on this place for our regular fix of mayhem and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Decades of never missing a match.

Then things changed.

Single parenting and getting my priorities right.

Trips to St James Park reduced in number. Restricted to those days I can borrow my friends ticket and I can convince Hawklad to endure 90 minutes of torture. Restricted to days when Hawklad will visit my sister for an afternoon.

Then a pandemic hit. Trips stopped completely. The last visit was September 2019.

And that was for a rugby international and a group of seats that high up we were in the Jet Stream.

It’s a changed world. Changed domestic situation. Will I get to see the useless team again. I’m not entirely sure, maybe not for a few years. I guess that’s life.

53 thoughts on “Sporting life

  1. I’m not one for concerts or sporting events but I do feel for those who are. Bob is itching to get back into a stadium – I just don’t know how or when something like that will be possible. We miss church too. Such crazy times!

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  2. Most of my fave sports teams go from numpties to champions and back to numpties several times over the years. Only one has never risen to championship status over the last 50 years, though occasionally it tries and fails. It takes several play-off wins in a season to become champion. In 50 years this team has won a total of one (1) play-off games. All the rest have tasted champagne, one team many times. Right now, all are numpties like yours.

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      1. The Detroit Lions won the NFL championship the last year it was played for. The next tear the NFL and the AFL amalgamated, and the Super Bowl became the big trophy. They got past the first of four round of playoffs once. Yet I still cheer for them.

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  3. It is… It is life. It’s full of surprises. Some can be good though. There are still good things to think and dream about. There’s still hope that you’ll get to be tortured by one of the world’s worst football teams again. πŸ˜ƒ Smile Superdad. I hope the sun has been shining today. 😊❀

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