Sunshine, blue sky, dark cloud, storm clouds, dry, rain, snow, bright, dark.

That Yorkshire sky really sums up perfectly my mood levels since lockdown started. It’s a bit of everything really. Swinging from smiles to tear. Feeling full of the joys of spring to darkest winter coldness. Optimistic then pessimistic. Feeling contented then feeling boxed in. Calm then anxious. At ease with the world then frustrated.

Emotional never ending tides.

Yesterday I was fighting the tears. Life seemed bleak and so restrictive. Definitely feeling cut adrift, isolated and alone.

Yet today I can’t stop smiling. Ok life feels constrained but it also feels good. Filled with HOPE and WONDERFUL thoughts. Most definitely not feeling alone rather feeling part of a BEAUTIFUL world.

Ask me yesterday and I would say what am I doing. Today it’s WE can do this.

I’m the same person, I’ve not moved, I’ve not won the money lottery. No person or no asset has entered my world. So why the swing in mood. Could it be that we are permanently riding those emotional waves. Swings in outlook are to be expected. Good moments, bad moments. Maybe the secret is to look at each day. What are the things that weigh me down and try to do something about those. Then most importantly work out what are the things that lift me up so much. If you can identify those things (maybe it’s just one important thing) then keep trying to move towards those wonderful things in life.

Yes WE can do this.

35 thoughts on “Blue sky or not blue sky

  1. Yes, we can!
    Great photo! There is an interesting visual effect in it. The sun seems to bulge outward if you look really quicky. Or is it just me πŸ™‚
    Have a nice weekend!

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  2. The saying goes that we are not just bodies and there’s more to life than what we can see. However, it can also be said that if you’ve eaten sommat that doesn’t agree with you, then the argument can rage within. So, what did you eat yesterday that might have messed with you? Just a thought, but maybe you ate something πŸ… that had some sort of an effect on you. πŸ§ƒ πŸ₯‘ Maybe read the labels?

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      1. Was it in date? Had it been left out of the fridge? Did you swallow a fly?
        🦟 Oh me oh my, did you swallow a fly? One that wriggled and wiggled and tiggled inside yer? Let the nursery rhyme begin!

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  3. I can relate to what you say. I am not in an up and down swing constantly but there are periods when the downs can impact more and then again the highs are more present. But basically, there is everything always around. It really depends on the way we look at things. I am very happy about your good mood. By all the downs, this time of an up confirms that the sun is still shining!

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  4. Understand. I also ride a roller coaster. Like 2 different people. For me, it’s avoiding “triggers” but sometimes they come and find you, don’t they? But yes, you can definitely do it!

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