Somebody is happy..l

Once a muppet always a muppet.

Thursday night is chip night here. When we moved into this little house on the hill two decades ago we quickly found out the real pace of village life. The ultimate highlight of the week here was the Thursday night visit from the mobile chip van. It parked in the road 50 yards from our house. Rapidly the tradition of Thursday Chip night was set. Eventually we even discovered that the new mad dog was also a chip monster. His favourite food.

A pandemic then happened.

Suddenly Hawklad was not comfortable with getting chips from the van. So we stopped being part of the chip social. But the tradition lived on. Now replaced with oven chips. A vegetarian pie for me and skinless sausages for Hawklad. And yes a small plate of chips for the mad one.

So last night was THURSDAY. Time to dine like royalty. Well that was the plan. If you look back a few months you will see a certain muppet falling fowl of the crime of not labelling freezer items. Guess what happened last night. No pies were available from the store so it was time to root around in the deepest recesses of the chest freezer. Success a fine looking pie. Maybe a mushroom one. Maybe a Quorn one.

Chips and a pie smothered in Tomato Ketchup, salt and vinegar. Result…..

The reality sweet cherry pie is and interesting taste sensation when combined with vinegar and ketchup. Heston Blumenthal eat your heart out….

Luckily the second pie found was a better fit…….

72 thoughts on “Chef…..

  1. Ah, Gary. I think you make these stories up just to entertain us. But from experience, I know they are real, with possibly a bit of exaggeration. I bet poochie loved cherry pie with his chips. You, on the other hand….

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  2. Oooooo yes please! We’ve vetoed all takeout food, including from the chippy, during the pandemic too. Oven chips are pretty good, but it’ll be nice being able to return for ready made chip shop (or van) chips one day in the hopefully-not-too-distant future.x

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  3. Cherry pie is very nice, but I think not with tomato sauce. Quorn…I tried that and liked it but my housemate made rude faces. Does it bother you, cooking sausages for Hawklad? I am very sensitive to cooking odors associated with meat.

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  4. I’ve never been a fan of vinegar on my F&C, I like tartar sauce or plain, but I don’t think tartar sauce would go with cherry pie either🤪
    How many more unlabeled, frozen surprises await you in the deep freeze?😁

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  5. That is definitely the face of a chip loving creature! Your story reminds me of a meal in my teens, where my parents watched me pour delicious looking gravy over my roast. They said not a word.
    The gravy turned out to be toffee sauce.

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  6. OH GOODNESS! I’m guilty of this as well with meat I put in the freezer. After a while they all look like peculiar pinkish lumps with frost on them. But I need a specific meat aaaand which one’s which? Yes, we’ve had some odd eating experiences due to that, lol

    AND HELLO! So wonderful to see you, Hawklad, and Captain Chaos are finding your own unique ways to be your best as best you can. I’ve got a new workspace in the house now for teaching, and being in the sun and not in my hole in the basement has really helped my attitude. Blondie finishes school next week and is going to try a new class for summer school–crocheting. We’ll see if I can get her to make some sweaters for the coming fall, lol. She’s already working on sewing small animals! OH. and she typed her story! She just owes me some pictures to put with it and then I can post it. I’m so excited to share it with everyone! Has school at least been…survivable for Hawklad? Like, a couple good things, at least?

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    1. I will tell Hawklad when you share that. He’s restless at present as his tablet is getting fixed. Does the school usually finish that soon. I could do with a new sweater or two, wonder if I can have words with my kid. Homeschooling has been ok but not easy. Hope your smiling.

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      1. We’re finding our reasons–I’ve a new nephew, and that’s certainly an exciting reason 🙂 Schools here typically run from late Aug/early Sept through end of May/early June. Then there’s that whopping summer break, but the kids will be doing summer school (some halfdays in June and July) to help fill that time. I wish we had a different structure–the current school year is based on the old farmer’s year, but even then it doesn’t quite work because kids need to be excused to help with harvests in some places. Just one more thing about education in this country that needs to be updated…

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      2. Longer days and less holidays? That doesn’t make sense. Either short days and longer school year, or longer days and shorter school year. There’s no point in doing both.

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